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Best of the Best: 2008

Christmas days are over and everybody is getting ready for the new year. The past year has been very moving for (web)designers and developers: Loads of innovative articles and technology saw the daylight in 2008. The superb webbrowser Firefox gave birth to version 3.0 on 16th of December, a new social networking site dedicated to design called DesignBump came to life in 2008, Apple introduces the new MacBooks etc. etc. etc.

With all those great blogs out there, there has to be loads and loads of quality content written in the past year. But what is actually the best post from 2008 from those sites? To who can I ask that question better than the actual owners / authors of those great blogs.

Best of the Best: 2008

I've contacted several blog owners and asked them the following question: What do you think is the best article you wrote in 2008? This article rounds up the best articles from 2008, placed on the best blogs out there (Only listing those that actually replied).

Here we go: The Best Of the Year 2008 (in a nutshell)!

Best of the Best: 2008


Over 550 Brush Packs Free for Commercial Use

Everyone loves resources and this is a huge collection of resources that we felt would be very helpful to the design community. And the design community has been very responsive. This proves to continuously be a very popular post.


127 RSS Feeds That All Designers Should Subscribe To

It made the front page of Digg and boosted the traffic of just about every one listed considerably. It was certainly my biggest single gift to the design community this year.


35 cool and inspirational business card designs

I would choose this one because I love offering my readers resources to be inspired and this article does exactly that. It was pretty popular too (over 100K visitors since it went online).


CSS WishList

I think my favorite post this past year was one that I didn't write, but was written by others. I wrote to a number of well known web workers and asked them to weigh in on what they wish CSS could do. The results ranged from bug fixes, to more logical ways to handle things, to the desire to scratch the whole system and start over.


300+ Free Hi-Res grunge textures from Design Shard

This post was one of the most fun to put together, finding and gathering all of the textures to provide a huge selection for any one who wants to use them in their designs, they can be used for a whole host of things and can take creativity to a new level, and they are free for commercial and non commercial use


220 Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles

This one cos I see this as one of the most useful resource for any web designer... this one has 40,000+ downloads and the previous version of this 325,000+ downloads.


How To Master Photoshop In Just One Week

I'm very proud of this post as I feel that it is a very helpful start place for all Photoshop beginners. In three parts I lay out tutorials that help people learn the basics of photoshop all the way to mastering the tools and functions hidden deep within the software. This post went quite viral for a bit in mid-2008 and has been a great stepping stone for Elite By Design in both traffic and authority.


50+ Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration

It's one of the most popular posts on Fuel Your Creativity for inspiration. Over 130 comments and definitely ranked the highest in traffic. It took me forever to put it together because I'm really picky as far as my likes/dislikes but the logo choices were tough and a great inspirational post to check out at FYC!


CSS message boxes for different message types

The reason why I think this would be the best I wrote is the fact that people are more or less (probably less) aware of the importance of properly defined messages but it seems as if majority do not implement this in web applications. A reason more is the fact that some websites I regularly visit implemented exactly the same messages soon after the post was published.


Why Logo Design Does Not Cost $5.00

This article outlines some very important facts telling you exactly why logo design should not cost $5 and why your logo is not something you should take lightly.

Graffiti art to boost your inspiration

The reason I choose the "Graffiti art to boost your inspiration" article to be the best, is because of the the serious inspiration the article can give to you as a designer. The article was feautured (and stolen) on several other blogs too, which really shows the impact of that article. Another thing is the heavy conversation that's raging on in the comments, whether graffiti is vandalism or pure art.


Using Layer Comps for Design in Photoshop

This article looks at design theory and technique prior to website coding. I really enjoyed stirring up conversation about how to present website design mocks to a client. There are so many different opinions and options to go with, but I love that the techniques shown in this article provide a fairly simple and elegant solution to a common designer problem.


Using CSS to Fix Anything: 20+ Common Bugs and Fixes

For me, one of my favorite posts of the year was "Using CSS to Fix Anything: 20+ Common Bugs and Fixes", i just wanted to share with our great readers some quick tips on how to avoid easy pitfalls when creating CSS layouts.


Hero Header

The first design incarnation of included a large graphic heavy header graphic. The site got a fair amount of design acclaim and I was overwhelmed with requests for a tutorial based on the header. When I decided to make some design and layout changes to the site I decided to build a 2 part tutorial covering the creation of that popular header. The result has been by far the most visited tutorial set on the site.


20 Websites That Made Me A Better Web Developer

Every blogger has that key story that signifies a turning point - this story was mine. It was my first major popular story, and it showed me just how much I can do to help point beginning developers in the right direction. I started Six Revisions to share information relevant to developers and designers written by a developer/designer; this post showed me just how much one article can be of use to hundreds thousands of people.


Trendy Geometric Lines Tutorial

I tend to post quite a few tutorials on Blog.SpoonGraphics, this one however seemed to receive a particularly good response. I think it's success might have been down to it's simplicity yet it's cool looking end result, making it a good tutorial for beginners to Illustrator and Photoshop.


School of Photoshop

The School of Photoshop is a structured series that teaches Photoshop quickly, throughly, and in a fun way! Anyone can attend these lessons completely free, and overtime graduate as a master in Photoshop.

I believe this has been my best series over the past year, because it has truly benefited a large audience. Several schools and professors are using it to teach students Photoshop, and many more self-taught users are using it every day to learn Photoshop at their own pace.

Do you own a blog? Please share your best article of 2008 with the rest of us and explain why you choose that post.

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