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Things to consider before you start designing a website

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Things to consider before you start

Website creation is a complex task which involves a variety of expertise in different areas. For example, you need to be an expert in the following areas: Photoshop, HTML, writing, programming, and the like. However, the first step in designing a website is proper planning. The planning stage should include the following:

  • The purpose of the website
  • Target audience & their psychology
  • Color sense
  • Images required
  • Written content of the site
  • Functionalities needed
  • Search engine optimization

The clarity in purpose of the website is crucial because only based on this can you build the website. For an adsense website, you need to know the web psychology of visitors and place your links in strategic locations so that your website receives the maximum number of clicks from the visitors. If your website is meant for selling goods online you will need an ecommerce website that has a shopping cart and a payment counter. If you want it to be a blog site you should think about adding sufficient web tools that would interest your visitors like hit counter, or vote casting.

Target audience and their web psychology are vital in order to get the most out of your website. The example of adsense website given above is an apt one.

Colors have an important role in the success of the website. Different colors have been symbolic representations and have a significant effect on both male and female visitors; hence it is important that you choose the colors according to your target audiences' taste.

Images should not only be pleasing but also be relevant to the theme of the website. It is also plays a crucial role in the over all success and aesthetics of the website.

Written content of the website is its true life. So ensure that the written content is stuffed with vital information that helps the visitors in every way. It also plays an important role in obtaining desired PageRank for your website in search engines.

It is the functionality of the website that makes it alive. Modern day websites are interactive ones that can perform tasks on your behalf. Ecommerce websites is a good example for this.

After all the very idea of hosting a website is to get noticed and this is were optimization of the website becomes vital. You will have to optimize the website both onpage and offpage in order to rank well in the search engines.

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