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Hide files in JPG files

This is a perfect way to hide secret files and messages in an innocent looking JPG file. Try it for yourself; Save the picture below to your harddisk and open it there. When opened, it'll probably open with the standard image viewer. Now, close the application, right click the JPG file and open it with WinRAR. Can you see the hidden file? How to create such an hidden message on your own, click on "Read more..."

Secret Image

So, you want to hide files from others like your boss? Here's how to do it. You (and the person you're sending the secret to) only need WinRAR and you're both ready to send secret messages!

  1. Select the JPG file you want to use, like a picture.
  2. Select the file you want to hide, for example a TXT file.
  3. Put both files in the same directory, something like "C:/hide"
  4. Select the file you want to hide. Right click the file and select "Add to archive...". Give the archive a name like "my_secret.rar" and press "OK". You'll now find a RAR archive with the just given name in the same directory.
  5. Next, open command prompt (Go to "Start" and select "Run". Enter the word "cmd" and press "OK". You'll now see a black box which is the command prompt).
  6. Enter the next line to go to the folder where you have the secret files and press "Enter".
    cd c:/hide
  7. Now enter the next line to combine the files and press "Enter".
    *Note* "hidefiles.jpg" needs to be replaced with the name of your JPG file.
    copy /b hidefiles.jpg + my_secret.rar secretimage.jpg
    You'll now get a message in command prompt that one file is copied. Close command prompt.
  8. You're done now! Go to the directory in your explorer to find "secretimage.jpg". When you open it, you'll see the picture. But when you right-click the file, select "Open with.." and select WinRAR, you'll see the file that you wanted to hide.

Don't forget to tell your friends you want to show this hidden message to open it with WinRAR. Good luck!

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