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1. Theatrical movie trailer with jQuery
...w you can create something like that yourself? I have to admit that I do. This is why I came up with the Skype for Mac and the iPhone examples in your webbrowser. Today, we're trying something new in ... showing some amazing potential of certain techniques. Today, I wanted to transfer the amazing slick Skype (for Mac) layout to your own webbrowser. Not the full layout: Only the menu where all you...

...showing some of my work, it was a pleasure. Besides people can find me on Twitter, Skype (dzovanu_se_zuri) or drop me an email on this [at] jankoatwarpspeed [dot] com. Keep up ...

...t" or "It doesn't do it for me" How to avoid: Try to have "real life" conversations (or over the phone / Skype) Employers sometimes just want to say "I don't like it". And that's it. If you ask "What ...

5. Sitemap
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... Test your typing skills in this jQuery game jCharacterfall - A small, addictive jQuery game The Mac Skype App menu with CSS3 and jQuery On being Developer and Designer with Jacob Gube Burning...

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