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... works pretty good and the separation of the XAML and CS file is great. Today, we're going to create a Smokey Mouse Follower in Silverlight. This was my first experiment too and pretty fun to see. I...

Everybody loves a special print on their shirt. Whether they're for the geeky or Photoshop minded, it doesn't matter: You're just showing off who you are and what you love. Designer Aled Lewis is on

... always talk about their personal life (Read: Shopping, make-up etc.). People that say that others who smoke have more private time. People that don't even say "Good day" to you, only to the colle...

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...ways to beautifully style your lists CSS trick: Debug your HTML and CSS Create a mouse follower with smokey trail in Silverlight Giveaway contest - Invoicera Billing Software Create a better j...

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