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1. Build native-looking apps for iOS
... that I'm using in my template: Take note this file exactly needs to be 320x460 for iPhone/iPod or 1004x768 for iPad, and is a PNG file. Also, this only works if apple-mobile-web-app-capa...

... cursors.Add(""); cursors.Add("

...r my tutorial on how to create a favicon for your website? A webclip is like a favicon for the iPhone & iPod touch and it'll look very professional. Create a webclip Creating & installing a webclip ...

4. Adam's Apple
...den Fruit, the Apple? Wait, why is the word Apple linked to the website of the company that created the iPod, the iPhone, the iMac, the macBook etc.? This is because here is a modern version of the ...

There are many geeks in the world. Many gadgets, such as the iPod, are loved by everyone. Still, not everybody likes to be called a geek. But for those who do, show it to the world and be proud to be

In these days, almost everyone has an iPod, a Creative Zen Vision: M or any other type of MP3 Player. It almost let's your forget the early days when people were walking around with a Portable CD Play

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