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Inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether it's the colour of toons or the colours of game heroes that can get your inspiration fluids flowing, the fact remains that you can get inspiration from the

...usions. I already wrote several articles with optical illusions (15 cool word illusions, Illusion of a 3D dragon and more), and now it's time to create one myself with the help of CSS. One of the op...

Graffiti (or spray paint) often regarded by others as unsightly damage or unwanted vandalism. But some times, the boring wall is supplied with a true piece of graffiti art, making it a joy for the eye

4. Top 22 Photoshop tutorials
(Art/Photoshop) a creative effect for wedding photography. Old School Type Line Gradients - On the Dragonforce logo above, the basis of my typography was sketched on paper first and then vector...

If you're a regular visitor (reader) of my blog, you'll probably know that I really like optical illusions. Here's another article about this phenomenon, now it's all about optical illusions with word

There's no doubt that I like to design. Next to coding, I also love to edit photos, designing websites etc. My personal favorite tool to achieve this, has to be Adobe Photoshop. Next to a good tool, y

...ckground music and information. If you like optical illusions, you really should try out making this "3d" dragon.Take a little bit of your time to see this! The Whitest Boy Alive: Golden Cage S...

    A couple of days ago a friend of me showed me this dragon. At first it wasn't really anything special, untill the moment he said to watch to the dragon and close one eye. When I s

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... to find a good computer engineer Visualize audio bars by using amplitude in Flash Illusion of a 3d dragon Create a valid CSS alert message Create a custom page title in Joomla 1.0.x ...

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