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...des. Thomas might be a SOA guru, he speaks exactly how he writes his books: Straight-to-the-point, no jokes what so ever; Pretty boring actually. If you want to keep the attention of all your listen...

Last April Fools I made a joke that my website was hacked and turned upside down. When your website is really hacked, there's nothing funny about it. Joomla! is a great CMS that is used worldwide. F

Whoohoo! Party time! Today (9th of May, 2008) is exactly one year after I bought the domain. Meaning, today is the first birthday of this website. I'm pretty satisfied with what happe

... the time to turn all article upside down & add a nice CSS floating corner? I got the idea of this joke from flip and the upside down ternet router hack. It wasn't that hard to make, but the resu...

5. goes v1.5
...More details soon. Shorts In this section, I'll be placing short articles, such as useful tips, funny jokes etc. They'll not appear on the front page of my website, only RSS feed subscribers will se...

6. Top 10 PC pranks
...!) of these pranks. They're all totally harmless and will give you a laugh. Some of these pratical jokes can be a little bit corny, others will drive the user crazy. Do you have any additional pr...

Do you remember the "good old days"? When you look back, you'll think all those things were stupid. Remember that, back then, it was all high-tech material. Remember installing a program using several

...use they didn't understand the irony of the post. "I suggest you use the following symbol when making a joke: :-) . Read it when tilting your head to the left." Fahlman immediately suggested to use ...

9. Sitemap
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...edump] April 2008 - Part 1 Fun with the sleeves of vinyls The browser that destroyed my April fools joke: IE iPhone Dev Team delays release of iPhone PWNED Download movies from YouTube and oth...

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