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...hen the sleeve has a face from a person on it. Too bad that vinyl, just like the tape and even CD are history already. You can't do this fun stuff with a MP3 file. ...

...pper, magnifier, variable magnification levels, 3 by 3 and 5 by 5 average sampling, snap to websafe, color history, and a 42 color complementary palette. Mihov Image Resizer Miho...

...lling a program using several floppy disks? Here is a short funny list from the computer and internet history. Old hardware Hardware like we have today (like the iPhone) are things people could...

Today, the 27th of September, is a day to remember. BlogCatalog 's Blogging for a Great Cause Challenge has launched. A while ago I posted about this phenomenon and today it's there: Bloggers around

One of the worlds leading blogging community BlogCatalog has started a Blogging for a Great Cause Challenge. It's very simple, every blogger that wants to participate will post on September 27 2007 a

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...dump] November 2007 - Part 1 [50 Images] 10 beautiful RSS icon packs for Web 2.0 Computer and Internet history 15 tips on how to save bandwidth Faces everywhere [15 Images + 8 Illusions] Err...

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