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... client to actually drop support as well. Polyfills are a tax for your website. It's like pollution: Your clean code will be cluttered with polyfills. Don't even mention mobile browsers ...

2. Working with Websockets
...a is needed, like a stock market app. Previously, the most common method to achieve this is used by polling or using comet. The client would ask the server if there is any (new) data that he could...

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether it's the colour of toons or the colours of game heroes that can get your inspiration fluids flowing, the fact remains that you can get inspiration from the

... this tutorial, you will create a dynamic flash slideshow application with cool transitions. Create a poll and chart component in Flash CS3 Learn how to create a customized pool and charts, so y...

...lly like his illustrations, todays spotlight is on him. His "Foam Monster" has been polled in the final 20 designs for 2008 at If you like it, feel free to vote for...

I've already told you before I'm working on a new layout for I don't know when this design will go live (I'm really busy these days) but I'll promise you: It'll be a lot different than

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