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...x A couple of days ago, archduke Jay Hilgert welcomed the 20K inhabitant of Bittbox. With his sense of humor, great articles and high quality freebies, the citizen count will keep on rising. Hi ev...

...for J! 1.0.x. Other April fools pranks Many websites did try to pull a prank on the visitors. Collegehumor created a MySpace looking layout, showing a girl which is the new owner of the site. MyMa...

Social bookmarking websites are great. They help you spread the word of your blog, website or article and you can discover new ones. Personally, I like StumbleUpon the best. I like to stumble over the

Do you remember the "good old days"? When you look back, you'll think all those things were stupid. Remember that, back then, it was all high-tech material. Remember installing a program using several

Here's a nice little time killer that I stumbled. It's a video containing a 10 minute compilation of different kinds of internet videos. This saves you a lot of time, instead of going to Break, Yourda

Today, the 27th of September, is a day to remember. BlogCatalog 's Blogging for a Great Cause Challenge has launched. A while ago I posted about this phenomenon and today it's there: Bloggers around

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