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Alice in Wonderland Fan Art

Although the success of 3d movie "Avatar" seems unstoppable, another movie in 3d is coming to the cinemas soon. With the tagline You've got a very important date, the latest version of "Alice in Wonderland" will be released in theaters in one of the upcoming weeks.

Since the story about Alice is one most people will know from their childhood, loads of fan art is created around it. Because of the upcoming movie, this post is a inspirational roundup with Fan Art about Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland Fan Art

Main source for this inspirational was DeviantART, a great resource to look for inspiration. Now let's get ready to get your design fluids going by checking out Alice Kingsley, The Mad Hatter, The Red Queen, The White Rabbit, The Caterpillar and more.

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Identity inspiration from Dutch Company Logos

As you might already know, I'm Dutch. This simply means that I was born and live in a country called The Netherlands (a.k.a. Holland). When looking at prejudices: The country of cheese, wooden shoes, windmills and (legal) drugs.

But I'm not the only one having roots in this part of the world. A couple of (big) companies started their business here. Some of them became really big and grew to international sizes.

Today, I present you a list with business logos from companies that have their roots in the Netherlands. One this really noticed me when making this list: Loads of logos use the colour blue.

Dutch Company Logos

I have to admit: These logos are not the most beautiful ones I've ever seen. Still, I'm pretty sure you can draw some inspiration by looking at these. Get ready to get your identity design fluids going!

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50+ pictures of amazingly colourful insects

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether it's the colour of toons or the colours of game heroes that can get your inspiration fluids flowing, the fact remains that you can get inspiration from them.

Today, we're looking at the animal kingdom to draw some inspiration from. Not the full animal kingdom, just a specified part: colourful insects. Some of these insects have amazing colour, while others like to keep it on a suble yet noticeable green hue.

50+ pictures of amazingly colourful insects

Here are over 50 pictures of amazingly colourful insects! Other than the colour, sometimes the weird shapes of the animals can be enough for inspiration too. Bugs, butterflies, spiders and another colourful insects can be found right here.

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20 breathtaking realistic CG portraits by CGSociety

I absolutely love computer graphic (CG) 3d art. Some renders look absolutely stunning and almost don't have distinction with reality. One of my previous articles showed some superb badass 3d fictional characters from CGTalk.

CGTalk is the forum from CGSociety. This is a great place where great CG artists like to show their work. This article rounds up 20 breathtaking realistic CG portraits by CGSociety.

Realistic CG portraits

Be prepared to see some amazing CG work. If you didn't know these were all created with a computer, would you think it was real? Don't forget to visit the CGCociety, a very inspirational place (Both for 2d and 3d).

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Evolution of the Eurovision Song Contest Logo 1956-2010

Past weekend, Norway won the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Iceland got the second place and Azerbaijan got away third. I personally didn't really follow much of the contest since The Netherlands didn't even make it into the finals.

One thing that I really loved about the contest was their logo. The colourful bird (based upon a "Fantasy Bird") is a real sleek sub-logo next to the generic logo. While checking the logos from the previous years, I came across some very well designed logos for this contest.

This article is a roundup showing the evolution of the Eurovision Song Contest logo from 1956 (when the first contest was held) until now. Some logo's (especially in the early days) are nothing more than simple text. Later on, the logo became more complex, while some find their beauty in simplicity.

Evolution of the Eurovision Song Contest Logo 1956-2010

The generic logo was introduced in 2004 to create a consistent visual identity. The host country's flag appears in the heart. The logo from 2010 listed here is only the main logo: A sub-logo is not yet created. While looking at these amazing logos, you might see that the logo from 1973 is missing. EurovisionCovers and Wikipedia both show different (low quality) versions from that year.

Now make sure to check out this amazing inspirational logo collection showing some great Eurovision Song Contest logos over the past years.

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The very best from the Behance Network

The Behance Network: Creative portfolios, Projects and Collaborations. The amazing portfolio website is a great site where designers upload their stunning artwork (something like deviantART). As you know, you can draw a lot of inspiration from looking at designs from other designers. This article shows you 20 of the best, inspirational designs from the Behance Network.

Inspiration from the Behance Network

Are you a member of the network? If so, share your account in the comments to get more exposure! After all, the Behance network has a powerful community that can give you feedback on your designs.

Here we go! Check out these breathtaking artwork from several designers from the network to get your own design juices up and running. Happy designing!

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Show me some sleek and well designed game logos

The gaming industry can sometimes be a real source of inspiration. The designs, animation, graphics, music and storyline in each and every game can help you get your inspiration fluids running.

Although I don't play much games myself, I do like the way some game logos (and game covers) are designed.

Sleek Game Logos

On the picture above, you see Faith, the main character in Mirror's Edge. The game logo imitates the shape of the design around her right eye.

The list below shows some seriously sleek and well designed game logos for your inspiration. They all have one thing in common: The logo is more than "just the name of the game" in a fancy way. It's something where you can recognize the game of.

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Gimme some inspiring band website designs

Music. Everybody listens to it and loves it. Some people like rock, some prefer pop music, while others only listen to electronic music.

There are some amazing (popular) music bands out there that have an incredibly amazing and inspiring website design. With their great music and their well designed online "business card", it helps in their success.

Inspiring band websites

Sadly, there are many band websites out there that aren't really that inspirational. The sites from The Killers, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, Coldplay, Pink Floyd and many others could really use another layout.

Hope to see some great designs out there soon that might be inspired by these good-looking band websites.

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Wicked Laser Shows Inspiration

Past saturday I visited another great Q-Dance event called Qlimax. There is a possibility you know the name already since I've mentioned them before. Next to the awesome hardstyle beats and wonderful show, Q-dance managed to create a super laser show. This was really inspirational and I'm sure you'll find this inspiration too in the beautiful lights.

Wicked Laser Shows Inspiration

This article rounds up some beautiful and wicked laser shows, just to get your design juices going. Get inspired by the beautiful lights that can help you in your next design work.

Tags:  laser show light inspiration show
The colours of toons

A while ago I placed an article about the colours of game heroes. That article showed the colour schemes of several game heroes, from Crash Bandicoot untill Yoshi.

Today, we're finding inspiration in the colour schemes of TV toons (cartoons). Did you know that Avatar Aang, Stewie Griffin or Homer Simpson could give you some nice inspiration too?

The colours of TV toons

You could surely try out one of the following colour schemes in your next design project or artwork. I picked the most colourful toons that are (or recently were) on the TV. If you feel nostalgic, you can also watch (some of) these series online.

Tags:  toons animation characters tv inspiration
The colours of game heroes

Inspiration can be found everywhere. Even in the games that everybody knows. Game heroes like Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and Mega Man are characters that almost everybody will recognize in an instant.

The colours of game heroes

This article is showing the colours of game heroes just to feed your inspiration fluids and get them juiced up. I had to leave out heroes that don't have much color (like Solid Snake) or didn't had a high quality picture (like BattleToads). Enjoy!

Tags:  inspiration colours game heroes