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Breathtaking dual- and widescreen wallpapers

Many people own a widescreen monitor. This is mainly because most laptops are widescreen and more laptops than normal PC's are sold. Another thing that people love these days is working with dual screens (two or more screens). I'm working dual too: 15,4" on my laptop, together with a 21" widescreen. It really improves my workflow as a programmer / designer.

One of the problems with these wide screen resolutions, is that many backgrounds (wallpapers) will not fit since most of them are made for a normal screen. This is the reason I collected 33 of the most breathtaking dual- and widescreen wallpapers.

Dual- and Widescreen Wallpapers

If you don't own a wide- / dualscreen monitor, don't hold back to check out this article. Most backgrounds are a great design inspiration too.

Breathtaking dual- and widescreen wallpapers

Click on the wallpaper to download.


GMYK Lovers


Floating Branches

Fusion Punk


Victim of Gravity

Green Magic Tree

Greener on the other side

Jackpot Daydreams

Light and Magic - Fire

Light and Magic - Water

Lovelights Manifesto

Mysterious Nighttime


New World

Northern Sun


Paradise Lost


Red Liquid

The Road to Sun





True Nature

Vector Fireworks

Waiting on the bench

Warped World

Waves Red

Wee Planet

Yellow View

If you know any more breathtaking dual- and / or widescreen wallpapers or websites, I would love to hear them. Share your lovely background with the rest!

The image used as a preview is from Basajaun. And for your information: I'm using the first background (Bombay) currently on my machine.

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