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Spotlight: T-shirt design from Glenn Jones

I already placed some amazing t-shirt designs from Aled Lewis in the spotlight, today the stage belongs to another talented t-shirt designer. Glenn Jones (also known as Glennz) started created some beautiful (and most of the time: very funny) T-shirts designs for Threadless and kept on growing. He now sells the shirts through his own website, where he also sells laptop skins and calendars with his colourful and playful designs.

Spotlight: T-shirt design from Glenn Jones

The image above features his Clownfish design (did you get the cake?). As if that isn't enough, you can also download backgrounds for your iPhone. For now, check out his amazing designs below, for your inspiration but also for your fun.

To keep in the loop for any updates on any designs from Glenn, you can follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his blog. Don't forget to vote on his concepts to get pending designs printed on shirt!

If you want to see other t-shirt designs, you can check out these geeky or inspirational shirts too.

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Spotlight: T-shirt design from Aled Lewis

Everybody loves a special print on their shirt. Whether they're for the geeky or Photoshop minded, it doesn't matter: You're just showing off who you are and what you love.

Designer Aled Lewis is one of those talented designers that loves to create designs for shirts. Because I really like his illustrations, todays spotlight is on him.

T-shirt design from Aled Lewis

His "Foam Monster" has been polled in the final 20 designs for 2008 at If you like it, feel free to vote for Aled Lewis.

Make sure you check out his other designs below: They're well illustrated and good for a serious laugh. Oh, and don't worry: There are no "hidden affiliates".

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Taking the plunge: Buying a MacBook Pro

Hi there people! Just a quick personal note from me. School is about to start over here in a couple of days and I was always stuck with a 3-and-a-half-year old 800 MHZ laptop. I think you can imagine that this was a bad thing for me, being a programmer / designer.

With lots of thinking and checking out resources if it'll benefit me, I decided to buy a MacBook Pro. Yesterday, I received my new laptop.

MacBook Pro

I've never worked with an Mac before, but I hear a lot of positive sounds about it. If you own a Mac, what do you think is one of the greatest features of the machine / OS? And if not, what's holding you back to buy one (Next to the ridiculous high price tag)?

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with my new laptop. I'm now able to work (a lot!) faster and this will probably mean more (web)design articles for you too! I'm already working on a new design for

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Breathtaking dual- and widescreen wallpapers

Many people own a widescreen monitor. This is mainly because most laptops are widescreen and more laptops than normal PC's are sold. Another thing that people love these days is working with dual screens (two or more screens). I'm working dual too: 15,4" on my laptop, together with a 21" widescreen. It really improves my workflow as a programmer / designer.

One of the problems with these wide screen resolutions, is that many backgrounds (wallpapers) will not fit since most of them are made for a normal screen. This is the reason I collected 33 of the most breathtaking dual- and widescreen wallpapers.

Dual- and Widescreen Wallpapers

If you don't own a wide- / dualscreen monitor, don't hold back to check out this article. Most backgrounds are a great design inspiration too.

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You think you can design? Join the MTV Engine Room

Simply answer the following question.

Are you a digital artist?

If your answer is "Yes", please read on.

MTV is doing a casting call on all digital artists out there. Together with HP they're looking for all kinds of digital artists around the globe for their new series called the Engine Room.

Engine Room

Go to the website and send your digital art. This can be anything: Animations, websites, short films, sound mixes, digital art, you name it. Just show that you're creative enough to enter the room. Remember: Your only limit is your own imagination. React fast: Casting ends June 30th.

Personally, I really love this idea from MTV. Bringing several creative minds to one place to let them compete on a TV show is absolutely fascinating. I expect very innovative things to come out of this project.

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12 inspirational shirt designs

A while ago, I wanted to buy me myself a new shirt for the holiday. I ended up searching online for the most beautiful design shirt, but there's just so many to choose from. Here's a round-up from what I think are the 12 most awesome design t-shirts that can give you some inspiration.

Inspirational Shirt Designs

If you're not so much into design, you might want to check out the 30 funniest and geekiest shirts. If you like funny shirts, you should check out Glennz.

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