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Spotlight: T-shirt design from Aled Lewis

Everybody loves a special print on their shirt. Whether they're for the geeky or Photoshop minded, it doesn't matter: You're just showing off who you are and what you love.

Designer Aled Lewis is one of those talented designers that loves to create designs for shirts. Because I really like his illustrations, todays spotlight is on him.

T-shirt design from Aled Lewis

His "Foam Monster" has been polled in the final 20 designs for 2008 at If you like it, feel free to vote for Aled Lewis.

Make sure you check out his other designs below: They're well illustrated and good for a serious laugh. Oh, and don't worry: There are no "hidden affiliates".

T-shirt design from Aled Lewis

21st Century Pirate

A Simple Explanation

Bigfoots Watch In Bewilderment


Cruising At 35,000ft

Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes

Elephants Hunt In Pairs

Freaks In The Fun House

I'm Sure I Used To Fit

Jail Birds

Medieval Mischeif

Not As Far As You Think

Occupational Hazard

Party Pieces


She Screamed, But To No Avail

Smoke And Mirrors

Television Made Me Do It

Terrible Beast From A Bygone Age

The Meaning Of Life

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