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Things that annoy you about your colleagues

Here's a top 16 of things that annoy or irritate you about your colleagues. Check with yourself and make sure that you're not one of them.

Annoying Colleagues

If you have something what annoys you about your colleagues, feel free to post them in the comments. Just make sure your co-workers don't know it's you.

Annoying colleagues are:

  • People that have really annoying loud ringtones.
  • People that always come late at work or leave at exactly 17:00.
  • Colleagues that talk and laugh really loud during an important conversation.
  • Men who always talk about sex (and other synonyms for that word).
  • Woman that always talk about their personal life (Read: Shopping, make-up etc.).
  • People that say that others who smoke have more private time.
  • People that don't even say "Good day" to you, only to the colleagues that are on the same island.
  • Untrained managers: Those people can't have any leadership, don't have any idea of personal relationships, can't motive others in any way and only got in their position because of ass-kissing the boss.
  • Other people that are talking about you around your back.
  • Colleagues that give "massages" to each other all day, because they have RSI
  • "I-am-the-best-and-I-know-everything-and-you-are-stupid-and-I-won't-listen-to-you"-people
  • People that make a whole lot of noise when only eating a box of carrots
  • Men without any clothes beneath their shirt, causing big sweat stains under their armpits.
  • People that play any sound of IM, such as MSN, that is way too loud
  • People who have really loud private phone conversations.
  • Colleagues that spend 99% of their time checking their mail, Stumbling, Digging, etc.

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