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Blog layouts before they were big

Everything has to start small. The same counts for blogs. These days, the blog-o-sphere is dominated by a couple of blogs that have many readers. I'm pretty sure you've heard (and seen) blogs like PSDTuts, Abduzeedo and Noupe. One day, I hope becomes one of those big websites too.

But did you ever wonder, how these awesome websites looked liked in the good old days? Look no further, because here's a list showing blog layouts before they were big.

Old Blog Layouts

The image above is showing my website ( on Jun 09, 2002. It wasn't my domain back then, so I don't know what kind of website it was. If you want to take a guess, I'm all ears.

This article is showing the old designs of popular blogs that currently have a beautiful layout (mostly design blogs). It's possible that the moment the screenshots were taken, the owner of the site is someone else than now (like my website).


Jan 05, 2005 Colourlovers


Mar 06, 2007 Crazyleafdesign


Feb 28, 2007 Dezinerfolio


Dec 05, 2006 Gomediazine

NDesign Studio

Dec 13, 2005 NDesign Studio


Jul 01, 2007 Noupe


Dec 19, 2005 PSDTuts


Oct 09, 2006 SmashingMagazine

Veerle's Blog

Jan 23, 2004 Veerle's Blog

I couldn't make this article possible without the help of the Wayback Machine. I'm sorry I had to leave out a couple of others old-layouts of big blogs (Abduzeedo, Bittbox, SpoonGraphics etc.), but the WayBack machine sadly didn't had a good quality archived version.

If you have another old website, feel free to submit it in the comments.

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