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Remember my goals for 2009? One of the goals was: Finally changing / update my template. Today, I'm proud to release this template, giving a totally new and unique look.

The New

I already had my template designed November 2008, but never had the time to convert it to HTML/CSS. I was really lucky to be the winner of a PSD to XHTML contest on CrazyLeaf. The guys from Feathercode did a real good job at converting my PSD to a nice XHTML page.

Since I'm using Joomla!, I still needed to transfer this XHTML to a Joomla! template. It took me a while, but it's finally here: the new template for is placed in the wild!

Changes from the previous theme:

  1. Header/Footer (Didn't you notice?)
  2. Typeface
  3. Now added a live Twitter feed
  4. Made use of some fun jQuery
  5. Advertising spots are now through BuySellAds - Just $40 each!

Just check out the new that got a new, colourful, grungy, abstract new look.


The "original" theme was a modified, free Joomla! template. Although the template itselve wasn't really bad looking, it wasn't that personal. I think this new theme is and I'm sure it's a unique one.

The Old vs. the New

Old and New

I got some inspiration from the following sources:

  1. ABC tutorial
  2. CSS-Tricks
  3. Gaya Design
  4. Janko At Warp Speed

One more thing...

The new layout totally looks screwed up in Internet Explorer 6 and I'm not going to bother fixing it. I'll give IE6 users a personalized message soon, giving them a reason to upgrade.

I hope you like it! Feel free to give me any feedback about the theme, when something doesn't work correct etc. I still need to make some minor changes!

Tags:  facelift marcofolio template design grunge

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