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As you could have guessed, I'm a programmer. But sometimes, I really like to get creative & design things using Photoshop. For all those Photoshop lovers out there, I created a free high resolution

...ebsites Output file Depending on source Video Downloader allows you to download videos (to your computer) directly (and easily -just one click-) from most video sites. Also has a FireFox e...

...this knowledge and that's where Dropbox kicks in. Simply drag your files to your shared folder on your computer and everyone who you invite will be able to share the files. This way, you can simp...

34. Phun: Fun with physics
iPhone users will probaly know the app iPhysics. Computer games will know the games The Incredible Machine and Line Rider. But what if you combine the power of those games in one? Than you'd have Phun

Motion typography (or kinetic typography) refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. Expressing yourself through animated words with graphics can be really convincing and cool t

...nds of articles free for you to use. Millions of articles in the database! WorldLingo WorldLingo Computer Translation. If you're not a native speaker that is the same language as your blog,...

37. Another point of view
Time to give you another point of view. What would the world look like if you would turn things around? Take a look at the other side. Delicious children for sale. Will they melt like the ice cre

As a designer, I really love CG. Especially the 3d stills really take my breath away. But what always amazes me, is the beautiful CG used in movies. Here is a short movie full of CG showing the evol

... Music loops are used all over the internet, mainly found in Flash animations. Those loops are created on a computer, but here are 5 very cool interfaces that allows you to create your own music loop....

40. Use a custom font on your website
Webdesigners always have to make sure that they use a common font for their website, otherwise it'll display incorrect on browser that don't have the font installed. This can be really annoying if you

Oh no, not another 22 tips list. Everyone knows how to use the defrag on a computer, but most will know that you wont see much changes in the performance. Here are 22 suggestions, other than defrag, t

...ick where you can change the manufacturer etc. from your PC. You can find these when you right-click on "My Computer" and select Properties. Hit the "Support information" button and you'll see the inf...

...tility I wrote to try to cut down on the number of Post-It notes I was leaving stuck to my monitor. It is a computerised version of those notes. Hotkey Utilities PS Hot Launch ...

I found this post through my blogrush widget. It's a list of comparisons of Girls with Windows and Boys with Linux. I think it's pretty funny if you think about it. Oh, and if you have a girlfrie

...aterial. Remember installing a program using several floppy disks? Here is a short funny list from the computer and internet history. Old hardware Hardware like we have today (like the iPhone) ...

... you assume a more natural posture that is conducive to improving comfort and productivity while using your computer. Website: 4. The Virtual Laser Keyboard The Virtual La...

47. Top 22 CSS tutorials
Every well-respected webdesigner knows how to use a CSS file. With this you can add markup to your webpage. I created a list of my personal top 22 favorite different subject CSS tutorials. They are li

This article is for all gamers out there, or for the people who have some spare time in the weekend. A couple of days ago I posted about The Crysis open Beta event. All keys are given away, only sub

...loating just above the water. The LEDs are embedded within tubes, allowing it to be water resistant. A computer has control over the LEDs. This way, you can define different patterns in different...

...the net, you'll leave a calling card on every website where you're from, what webbrowser you're using, what computer you use and more details. For some people this is reason enough to browse the inter...

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...word illusions [Imagedump] November 2007 - Part 1 [50 Images] 10 beautiful RSS icon packs for Web 2.0 Computer and Internet history 15 tips on how to save bandwidth Faces everywhere [15 Imag...

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