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Download movies from YouTube and other streaming media websites

Did you ever came across movies / films on YouTube, Google Video, MySpace or Break that you wanted to store on your local machine? You can have several reasons for this; Being afraid that the movie / film will get deleted by the host or user, placing the file on your iPhone or an other mobile video player and so on. Of course you can dig through the source code finding the source files, but that's a lot of time-consuming work. Here's a list of services that'll allow you to download any streaming video file from popular websites.

Download Streaming Media

The list is placed in random order and feel free to place any services not listed here in the comments, or which one you liked the most. Of course these services can be used for free.

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Dropbox: SVN for the regular folks

Subversion is used to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, and documentation. When I'm working with a project team at school, we're working with Tortoise SVN. This SVN application is very useful to share files & folders in a Windows shell. If another team member screws up your source code, you can easily revert to a previous version. It really looks like the Time Machine on Mac OSX.

The only downside to this, is that SVN can be pretty hard setting up. You'll need to have knowledge about SSH and understand UNIX. Most people don't have this knowledge and that's where Dropbox kicks in.


Simply drag your files to your shared folder on your computer and everyone who you invite will be able to share the files. This way, you can simply share pictures, collaborate in a project and much more!

Currently, Dropbox is still beta. You can use this application when you're invited so guess what: Leave a comment that you want an invite and I'll be glad to send you one. Of course, this is totally free of charge.

UPDATE: I'm sorry to tell you, I'm out of Dropbox invites!

Tags:  dropbox tools application handy beta
Proxy sites to browse the net anonymously - Reloaded

Regular readers of my website know that I've written an article before listing 20 proxy websites. There were a lot of comments in that article complaining about proxies that didn't unblock MySpace, Hi5, Bebo or other websites from school or work.

Because of this, I decided to give it a second go. Here is a huge list of proxy websites that you can use to access MySpace or Facebook from where ever you like. If it still doesn't work, a proxy just doesn't do it for you. You'll have to live with the fact that you can't access your favorite sites from the place you are.

Proxy Websites

No images, no reviews, no site explanation; Just a list of links to many proxy websites in random order.

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Powerful music MP3 search engines

Do you hate getting spyware from P2P programs such as LimeWire?. And don't you want to download the full album through torrents since you only want that one single or song? Here's the solution: A couple of HTTP search engines making life a little bit easier for you.

MP3 Search Engines

I only placed the logo's and URL's to the websites, since they mainly do all the same thing: Bringing you your music for free.

Tags:  download music mp3 search engine internet free
Make long URL's short with these services

Don't you hate it when someone sends you an e-mail or chat message with an URL that looks like this: Stadhouderskade+42,+Amsterdam,+The+Netherlands&sll=40.71451,-74.0071 4&sspn=0.625578,1.560059&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1

Or comments on your blog / website that have these huge links that will screw up your website layout?

Make long URL's short

Set an example and use any of the services listed below that will make the URL short to re-direct someone to the correct website with the long URL. All short URL's lead to the main page.

Tags:  short tiny huge long url services useful webdesign
50+ under 1MB free useful tools [Windows]

Small programs doesn't mean they're bad programs. Think about the build-in programs in Windows like Notepad and Calculator. They're not bad at all. Here's a list of over 50 small (Under 1 MegaByte in download!) Windows applications that are really useful and will make your life easier.

Block ad-/spyware/popups

Most of these programs are freeware. Some have an ugly website or UI, but don't let that fool you. They're really powerful and do what they do. Nothing less, nothing more.

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