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15 stunning motion typography videos

Motion typography (or kinetic typography) refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. Expressing yourself through animated words with graphics can be really convincing and cool to see. Flying, floating, growing, expanding, turning characters is what you'll see in the next minutes.

I've selected 15 very nice motion typography movies. Some are more breathtaking than others, but they're all outstanding. They all know how to use typography very well and it'll be a joy for your eyes, although some will be really fast.

Typography in Motion

You can get a massive design inspiration kick just by watching these videos. I wouldn't mind if real film starters or music videos in the future will be like this.

If you want to create such a movie on your own, you can try Adobe After Effects or SWiSH Max.

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How Evolution Happens - CG Video

As a designer, I really love CG. Especially the 3d stills really take my breath away.

But what always amazes me, is the beautiful CG used in movies. Here is a short movie full of CG showing the evolution of planet earth.

Evolution of the human kind

Watch evolution unfold before you in this amazing video featuring fish, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, and primates. Even if you don't believe in the evolution, just sit back and enjoy the beautiful CG and music in this video.

Tags:  evolution cg video fun
5 wicked sound loop interfaces you want to have

Music. Everybody loves it. Personally, I really like hardstyle music the most. Music loops are used all over the internet, mainly found in Flash animations. Those loops are created on a computer, but here are 5 very cool interfaces that allows you to create your own music loop.

Sound Loop Interfaces

Of course you can also download buy software for this, like Fruity Loops.

Tags:  wannahave sound loop music interface fun video
Crazy wannahave for Christmas: Splash pig

Christmas is coming up and you're searching everywhere to buy something cool for someone else. Thing is, you actually don't have time of all of this. Don't worry; Here's a nice little gift that will give joy to anyone. I don't know the English term, but I like to call it the Splash pig.

Christmas Wannahave: Splash Pig

He looks pretty normal (but cute) on the picture, but check out the video's below and you'll see why it's so cool. Oh, and of course you can give yourself one for the holidays.

Tags:  wannahave christmas pig fun video
Top 10 "Do It Yourselves" (DIY)

It's weekend! Time to do something with your free time and make it useful. Here's a top 10 list of Do It Youself's (Short DIY). DIY's are there to create something really cool for yourself, at the lowest cost. Additionally, it's fun to do since you can say that you created the thing by hand.

Do It Yourself

These video's are found on Metacafe, check it out for more DIY's.

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Sony Bravia pyramid commercial will colour your day

As you meight have noticed on my previous article, I really like colors in life. What do you expect from a designer like me.

Most people around the world will have seen the Sony Bravia Ball Bounce Commercial. It's a commercial where you see all kinds of bouncing balls going down a road with a nice tune on the background. The newer Bravia commercial is a little les known, but still as exciting to watch. You'll see all kinds of paint exploding and coloring an old appartement.

Now the Sony Bravia has a new commercial and this one is just as good as the first two. It shows a pyramid getting colors from a whole bunch of threads. It's really cool to see.

Sony Bravia Pyramid Commercial

Also this one has a nice tune on the background.

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