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Blog layouts before they were big

Everything has to start small. The same counts for blogs. These days, the blog-o-sphere is dominated by a couple of blogs that have many readers. I'm pretty sure you've heard (and seen) blogs like PSDTuts, Abduzeedo and Noupe. One day, I hope becomes one of those big websites too.

But did you ever wonder, how these awesome websites looked liked in the good old days? Look no further, because here's a list showing blog layouts before they were big.

Old Blog Layouts

The image above is showing my website ( on Jun 09, 2002. It wasn't my domain back then, so I don't know what kind of website it was. If you want to take a guess, I'm all ears.

This article is showing the old designs of popular blogs that currently have a beautiful layout (mostly design blogs). It's possible that the moment the screenshots were taken, the owner of the site is someone else than now (like my website).

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[Imagedump] August 2008 - Part 1

We're already almost halfway this month, and the first part of this months imagedump hasn't been placed yet. But don't worry, here it is to save your day and cheer you up. Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from August 2008.

Imagedump August 2008 - Part 1

Don't forget to check out the other imagedumps and stick around to see part 2 of this month.

Tags:  imagedump image fun August best
Outstanding HDR photos of machines

Here's a no-brainer for you: Pictures of Machines / Cars + HDR equals? Answer: One hell of a combination. I mean, what's not to like? HDR photos are a real hot topic these days and cars are already loved for a long time.

I selected 25 outstanding photos of machines / cars in HDR, just to take your breath away for a couple of minutes. So be warned: Don't forget to breathe.

Outstanding HDR photos of machines

Sit back and enjoy the ride! If you want to try creating these images yourself, make sure you check out the HDR Tutorials Roundup.

Tags:  hdr machine car motor photo
Create a summertime compilation poster

As some of my readers will know, I've been on a vacation for a while. I wanted to share the summertime feeling with everyone by creating a summertime compilation poster.

In this Photoshop tutorial is explained how to create a nice compilation image: Cutting and selecting objects from pictures, placing and combining them in beautiful artwork.

Summertime Compilation Tutorial

You can download the PSD from this tutorial in the download section.

This is the first time I created something using this technique, but I believe the outcome is really good.

Tags:  summertime compilation poster photoshop tutorial
Spotlight: Inspiration from Javier Velasco

Time for a little bit of design inspiration from other artists. Today in the spotlight, Javier Velasco from Spain.


Javier Velasco was born in Madrid in 1974.He studied design at "Infographic Studies Centre" in Madrid before training in painting at the "Arco Verde" Artistic Centre in Madrid. He now works as Art Director for a company dealing in new technologies.

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