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Dynamic Flash Logo Scroller with Links

A while ago, I wrote an article called a Flash image viewer by reading directory contents. Jon Diamond found my article and used it to create a dynamic Flash logo scroller for ImageWorks Studio. You can view the scroller on the right side of the page.

Jon send me a mail, thanking me for the tutorial and included the sources files how he created the scroller. He approved to put the files on to let the users download and use it.

Dynamic Flash Logo Scroller

When I received the source files, I did want to make a minor change to the concept: The logo's should be click-able and be linked to a site. That's why I got into the code (PHP and AS), made the changes and now put it available. It's still fully dynamic: If you add a logo (or other kind of image), to a directory, it'll automatically be displayed in the scroller and is linked to a website.

Demo Dynamic Logo Scroller   Download Dynamic Logo Scroller

I'm not going into the technical details this time. You can view the actionscript code in the FLA file and explanation of the code (PHP and AS) can be read in the other article. I'll explain some of the (very easy) configurations.

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A Flash image viewer by reading directory contents

As a web developer or programmer, you want to make your software as dynamic as possible. This means that you can easily change the code or contents, without digging in and rebuilding your original source.

(Flash) Image rotators are a pretty effective and attractive way to show your images. Most of the times, these Flash image rotators are not dynamic and need to rebuild every time you want to change the images. Here's a solution for this problem, because I'll explain how to create a Flash image viewer by reading directory contents.

Flash Image Rotator

Just place all images you want to rotate in the same directory as the Flash file and this script does all the work for you. If you want to add an image, just place it online and the Flash viewer will show it.

Check out the demo of the Flash image viewer, or download the flash image viewer by reading directory contents from the download section.

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Protecting an image with the use of Flash

It's been a while since I wrote my last Flash / Actionscript tutorial. But lately, I got several requests on different Flash tutorials so I decided to start up the program once again.

Many websites don't want their images to be copied. You can add a (hidden) watermark, slamming your logo several times on the image or let it carry a secret file, but I wanted a totally different approach. I wanted to protect my images using Flash and more important: It should be done dynamically.

Image protection using Flash

Before I'm going to start with this tutorial, I recommend you to check out my demo on what we'll be creating. I'm telling you: Those images are loaded dynamically using external JPG files. Can you find the real images?

You can download the source and demo code if you don't feel like following this tutorial. You'll only need to change the XML file and you're done.

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Visualize audio bars by using amplitude in Flash

The new Actionscript 3.0 in Flash CS3 can be a bit tricky sometimes, especially when you're normally used to Actionscript 2.0. But there are a number of nice new functions in AS 3.0 which make it really attractive to just make it your coding standard for Flash.

Here I'll explain how to use the leftPeak and rightPeak properties of AS 3.0. With these, you can read the volume of both audio channels (left and right) seperately. With that value, you can create some nice Flash files, like this visual audio bar.

Visual Audio

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