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Create a summertime compilation poster

As some of my readers will know, I've been on a vacation for a while. I wanted to share the summertime feeling with everyone by creating a summertime compilation poster.

In this Photoshop tutorial is explained how to create a nice compilation image: Cutting and selecting objects from pictures, placing and combining them in beautiful artwork.

Summertime Compilation Tutorial

You can download the PSD from this tutorial in the download section.

This is the first time I created something using this technique, but I believe the outcome is really good.

Tags:  summertime compilation poster photoshop tutorial
Stunning neon light 3d typography

This tutorial is inspired by one of the creations I placed in the beauty of 3d typography article. By combining the powers of Illustrator and Photoshop, you can recreate this awesome technique.

Typography is a really hot topic at this moment in the design sphere and neon light is and has always been an effective way to attract users. Combine these two to make some beautiful artwork.

Most of this tutorial is done in Photoshop, the 3D characters are created in Illustrator. If you don't have Illustrator, you can also try making 3D letters in Photoshop.

Get ready to make some amazing typography artwork. You can download my final result as PSD from the download section.

Tags:  neon typography 3d light photoshop illustrator tutorial
Freebies: "Old and Rusty" High resolution textures

A while ago I placed another freebie (4x high resolution textures) online. I got a couple of reactions from people that really liked the textures. That texture pack has been downloaded over 100 times.

Now I'm presenting you another high resolution texture pack to download: Old and Rusty. This texture pack contains 5 high resolution textures from old and rusty objects.

Old and Rusty texture pack

You can download the "Old and Rusty" textures in one big pack from the download section, free for all kinds of use.

Tags:  rusty freebies photoshop textures pictures
Free quality icon packs that'll make you drool

IconsPedia is one of the leading resources where you can download high quality icons for free. I gathered a lot of quality icon packs, for your inspiration but you can also use them where you want.

This article is showcasing free quality icon packs that'll make you drool, including 7 tutorials on how to create your very own.

Quality icons

Do you also have seen enough of your standard icons? Try using one (or more) of these free quality icon packs that'll make you (and possibly others) drool! You can use them on your blog, website or desktop.

Tags:  icon free freebies drool
[Inspiration] The beauty of 3d typography

Everybody loves typography in design. Playing around with characters in an awesome way really gets the attention of the viewer, especially when the typography is in motion.

This article is showcasing the most beautiful 3d typography for your design inspiration, including 5 tutorials on how to create your very own.

The beauty of 3d typography

3d programs like Xara 3d or 3d Studio Max will make the 3d rendering easier, but Illustrator can do the trick too.

Be amazed and get inspired by the world of beautiful 3d typography.

Tags:  inspiration typography 3d photoshop
Freebies: 4x High resolution textures

Remember the Smashing Textures Contest? I joined the contest and 2 high resolution textures got picked (out of ten).

Even though the leftover eight didn't get picked, I still think some of they are really great to use as a texture. I personally picked my favorite four textures for your Photoshop needs.

Free Textures

You can download the four textures in one big pack from the download section, free for all kinds of use.

All photographs are taken with a simple camera on a bright day. None of them are edited in any way, exept some have non-texture parts removed. The pictures are taken in a very high resolution, perfect for Photoshop artwork.

Tags:  freebies photoshop textures pictures
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