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Building a Website on Your Own - A Step by Step Guide

About the author: Mazibo mainly aims at offering useful and affordable services to small and medium scale companies helping them run and maintain a successful web presence with the least of efforts.

Building a Website on Your Own

After a good amount of planning as mention in the previous article, you can start building your website. Building a website involves the following steps.

  • Designing your web pages
  • HTMLizing your designed web pages
  • Adding content
  • Embedding web tools
  • Obtaining a suitable domain name
  • Hosting your website

Designing web pages is usually done using Photoshop software. If you have a little knowledge in Photoshop you can easily design your web pages the way you would like it to appear. At this stage you will be inserting the images required and also decide on the colors of your website.

The designed web pages can then be taken to the HTML editors and htmlized. Some working knowledge on editors like Dreamweaver or the Frontpage will be of great help in HTMLizing the web pages.

Written content of the website should be relevant to the theme and images of the website. This should also be inserted with the help of an HTML editor. This also is the right time to create required links in your website. Care should be taken that the coding complies with the W3C standards. Addition of required keywords will boost the page rank of the websites.

Web tools are recent additions that enhance the usability of your website embedding relevant web tools will invite large number of visitors as well as make them stay for a longer period in your website and interact more. For example, place an EMI calculator if your websites theme revolves round finance.

Obtaining your desired domain name has become difficult as the number of website hosted everyday is on the increase. However, you can use the domain name suggesting tools in the internet to find the closest option that would be favorable when it comes to search engine optimization.

You can either opt for paid hosting services or find a suitable free hosting server to host your website. Some knowledge on ftp software would be of great help if you plan to host your site your self.

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