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Spotlight: Inspiration from Javier Velasco

Time for a little bit of design inspiration from other artists. Today in the spotlight, Javier Velasco from Spain.


Javier Velasco was born in Madrid in 1974.He studied design at "Infographic Studies Centre" in Madrid before training in painting at the "Arco Verde" Artistic Centre in Madrid. He now works as Art Director for a company dealing in new technologies.

Rising Sun

I've just created a bird




Une Femme Pensive

My Dog is Dreaming

Tokio Woman



Javier Velasco

He has always been attracted to digital art, using the computer as a tool to express it. The Artist uses images and themes relating to the world of mass communication applied to the visual arts in his work. He has been greatly influenced by a culture of technology, capitalism, fashion and mass consumption. This is the reason why he feels so connected to the pop art period of the 1960's, even though he tries to escape any particular label, exploring every style and different ways of working, which allow him to let his imagination run free.

You can view his artworks, t-shirts, bags etc with different sizes at

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