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Tips to Choose the right resources for your website design

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Tips to choose the right resources for your website design

If you are thinking about designing new websites or web templates, you should take time to research before making some crucial choices. You don't want to spend your money on designing a worthless websites that can only spoil your image. The following article is about basic choices you need to make before developing a new website.

Domain Name

Find out words that best describe your website. Keep it unique, you don't want it to be confused with other websites. Always go for domain names that end with .com as this is the most commonly used. The domain name should be short, easy to type and remember. Avoid using hyphens or numbers.

Web hosting

Go for web hosting matching your site's requirements in terms of hardware and server platform. You should go for a hosting service that supports Windows 2000 or NT servers if your site is going to use VB, ASP, MS SQL database, Cold Fusion or MS Access. On the other hand if your site is going to use perl, PHP, CGI, mySQL or SSI, then the web hosting should Unix or Linux platform.

The next thing to consider is the bandwidth and disk space required to host your website. If your site is going to use less web pages, then you would need only around 200 MB disk space. But if it is going to have a lot of multimedia, you should go for disk space in thousands of Gigabytes. Likewise, the bandwidth required will depend on how busy your website is expected to be.

Color scheme and Fonts

Use a color scheme that would match your website. Use one color for most of the web page and other complimentary colors sparingly. This will make your webtemplates look professional. Choosing colors that match your company logo is a very good idea.

Next is the choice of fonts. Always use fonts and font sizes that ensure readability. The fonts used should match the feel of the site. It is better to use standard web friendly fonts such as: Times New Roman, Verdana, Georgia, Arial Black, Arial, Courier New, Trebuchet MS etc.


Never go for cheap icons. If a website gives away cheap icons, it is just an indicator that the icons are not even worth buying. So you need to do some research and select the right icon designer. Most websites offer free sample icons. You can download these and examine whether there is proper use of angle, gradient, perspective etc. Light should come from upper left hand corner of the icon and the other parts should have enough lighting as well. Edges and corners should be soft and rounded. The icon should look equally good when reduced in size.

Making the right choices can save a lot of time, money and trouble. Following the above tips can assure that you select the right resources for your webtemplates and design great websites. Wishing you all the best for your web design project!

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