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Utilizing Free Website Templates to Host Your Website

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Utilizing Free Website Templates to Host Your Website

The previous articles provide a glimpse at the making of a website. If you do not care to do such tedious task you still have the option of creating your own website with free web template offered through out the internet. Web templates are nothing but readymade website that could be easily modified to your purposes. This way of creating a web site is much easier than designing it from the scratch. Steps in creating a website with the free web templates are as follows:

  • Locating a suitable theme template
  • Customizing free web templates
  • Abide by the terms
  • Hosting your website

There are a number of professional web designing companies that offer free web template over the internet. However, you should not forget that nothing is really free in the internet. Before you select your template go through the terms & conditions of the website offering free web templates. Some of them might ask you to provide a link back to their site and some of them may ask you to host the site on their server for a small amount or they may expect you to avail their customization service which is usually a paid service. Although the themes available will be usually very limited you can find one that suits your purpose and download the template.

Customization is the real and only work that you will be doing on these free web templates. As mentioned in the previous article, take it to the html editor. You can either drag and drop the files in the working area or use the file menu to open the pages that are to be edited. In the html editor you can delete the existing images and ad your desired images that you have already in stock. The content part and the links can also be created while working with the html editor. Thus you can transform the downloaded template in to your own website.

As mentioned earlier, if the provider like to have a back link take care to add the given codes or see to that you do not accidentally remove the existing codes during customization in html editor. If you do so you may have to face legal challenge by the service provider. You are legally bound to act as per the terms of the template provider. Any violation if found will end up in suitable compensation. This is why utmost care should be taken while editing the template.

If your free template provider instructs you to host your website in their server you will have to pay the applicable charges. Or if you are expected to provide just a back link, you can choose between the paid hosting services or free hosting services to host your website. However, free hosting services will have their own terms and conditions which you have to follow, while the facilities of free hosting may be minimal. Free web templates and free hosting is the best option to begin with.

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