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How to (and not to) take care of a baby

This one goes out to all the new parents out there. Just a little guide on how to (and not to) take care of a baby. Very funny to read, but must be taken very seriously. You could print the images and bundle them to a little book that you could hold in your pocket just to be sure.

How to (and not to) take care of a baby - Picture 01

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[Imagedump] January 2008 - Part 1 [50 Images]

Here's a small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images from January 2008.

Imagedump January 2008 - Part 1

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30 funniest and geekiest shirts

There are many geeks in the world. Many gadgets, such as the iPod, are loved by everyone. Still, not everybody likes to be called a geek. But for those who do, show it to the world and be proud to be a geek. Here are a couple of very funny geek shirts that can help you spread the word.

Mushroom Kingdom

The above Mushroom Kingdom shirt can be purchased at 80s Tees.

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5 wicked sound loop interfaces you want to have

Music. Everybody loves it. Personally, I really like hardstyle music the most. Music loops are used all over the internet, mainly found in Flash animations. Those loops are created on a computer, but here are 5 very cool interfaces that allows you to create your own music loop.

Sound Loop Interfaces

Of course you can also download buy software for this, like Fruity Loops.

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50 of the worlds most creative ads

Some of the online advertisement forms really distract you from the actual content. Here are 50 offline ads that you'll don't mind when it draws your attention. They're so creative and some are so funny, that you'll remember the product they're selling for days.

Creative Advertising

Maybe you've seen already some of these ads, but they're still really cool.

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Syobon: Most frustrating game ever

Here's a nice little time-killer for you. The image you see below is a screenshot from Syobon, a Japanese Mario-look-a-like game. Doesn't look very interesting, does it? But I'm sure, that if you're going to play this game, you'll get pretty frustrated some times. But it'll be funny too, especially when you let others play. The video below will explain more.


I wasted over 200 lives in this game, but couldn't get passed chicken in the castle level when you have the sword.

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