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Coolest player for CD and MP3

In these days, almost everyone has an iPod, a Creative Zen Vision: M or any other type of MP3 Player. It almost let's your forget the early days when people were walking around with a Portable CD Player. I accented the word almost, because designer Yong-Seong Kim didn't forget his CD's and designed this nice DMP (Dual Music Player).

Me, as an music addict and a person who loves eye candy and well designed high tech stuff, loves to see things like this. Don't dare to say that you wouldn't one of these;

Coolest player for CD and MP3

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ExtraStrong: A great stop-motion video

While I was browsing the net, I came across this short movie. It's seriously one of the nicest stop motion movies that I've ever seen. Just sit back and enjoy this movie.


Tags:  stop motion video fun paper
How to find a good computer engineer

This image made me laugh. Show that you're a programmer by adding the telephone nummer in the comments. Click on the image to enlarger it.

Computer Engineer

Tags:  fun images computer job
Illusion of a 3d dragon


Dragon Illusion


A couple of days ago a friend of me showed me this dragon. At first it wasn't really anything special, untill the moment he said to watch to the dragon and close one eye. When I started to move around, still keeping one eye on the dragon, I saw something really cool; It was as if the dragon was following my every move.

The thing that I mostly like about this, is that it's very easy to create. Just print the dragon and stick it to some firm paper. After letting it dry, cut the dragon out of the paper and assemble it using the tabs and there you have it. Your own optical illusion.

You'll keep on watching to this dragon, just put it on your desktop or something.

Tags:  3d illusion dragon pop up fun
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