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1. jQuery DJ Hero - CSS3 and jQuery fun
Remember jTypingHero? This was a fun little game to test your typing skills based on the ever popular Guitar Hero. Lately, I came across some news about a new "Hero" game: DJ Hero. Since I r

...s. AS3 Drag and Drop Shuffle Grid Menu A very nice experiment that you use in other projects. Like games, or galleries. Cool Gallery with GTTweeny and AS3 Another experiment, creating a si... in each and every game can help you get your inspiration fluids running. Although I don't play much games myself, I do like the way some game logos (and game covers) are designed. On the...

...creen wallpapers Unique website for your Twitter updates Reloaded Time wasters: 15 addictive Flash games Dynamic Flash Logo Scroller with Links Mass Twitter Action and Retrieve Script R...

...m is so simple, it can be used also immediately with no prior instruction. It is used for creating small games, interactive art, and animated stories, and is primarily marketed to children. Despite it...

Flash is one of the most common platform to create an internet game. These games can be really fun to do (lot's more fun than plain old bingo) and are great to get some distraction from the regular th

7. The colours of game heroes
Inspiration can be found everywhere. Even in the games that everybody knows. Game heroes like Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and Mega Man are characters that almost everybody will recognize in an instant.

CGTalk (the forum from CGSociety) is a place where great CG artists like to show-off their work. I'm especially amazed by the 3d stills section of the forum, showcasing beautiful and breathtaking 3d m

Many people own a widescreen monitor. This is mainly because most laptops are widescreen and more laptops than normal PC's are sold. Another thing that people love these days is working with dual scre

10. Phun: Fun with physics
iPhone users will probaly know the app iPhysics. Computer games will know the games The Incredible Machine and Line Rider. But what if you combine the power of those games in one? Than you'd have Phun

...and you'll never ever see me again. Stupid Flash animations Flash animations can be really cool. Many games that I come across on StumbleUpon are innovative and fun to play. Too bad I also see terr...

There are many geeks in the world. Many gadgets, such as the iPod, are loved by everyone. Still, not everybody likes to be called a geek. But for those who do, show it to the world and be proud to be

...y creative with their answers. Maybe something to do on your next exam. The best free games: First Person Shooters (FPS) (games) I created a list of the best free FPS-games that ...

Here's a nice little time-killer for you. The image you see below is a screenshot from Syobon, a Japanese Mario-look-a-like game. Doesn't look very interesting, does it? But I'm sure, that if you're g

... by including an additional 15 keys for a total of 55 ergonomically placed controls commonly used in FPS games. Speed, control and communication is critical in making the moves and decisions that can ...

...o play Crysis, I suggest you could play one of the following demos. A friend of me tipped me about these games (thanks!) as they are just released in the past couple of days. I'm talking about th...

Software developer Crytek decided to give away the Beta version of the game Crysis. First you needed to pay to play the Beta. To download, you'll need an account on FilePlanet. Make sure that you r alphabetical at bottom of the page. TypeNow Big collection of famous fonts from bands, tv programs, games etc. PsyOps A couple of fonts ShowFont Big collection of fonts. Heavy pageload becaus...

...'s from Unreal Tournament, Quake, Counter Strike, Half Life 2 etc. I created a list of the best free FPS-games that you can find on the net. Some of these games are out-dated, others are still in deve...

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