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1. Looking back at 2010
... the last post of the year on Marcofolio would be a "Best of the Best" round-up (see 2008 and 2009), but for this year, I wanted to look back at my own blog. This was the year where I crea...

2. Best of the Best: 2009
A little bit of sad news; This will be the last post on Marcofolio on 2009. I'm going to Austria for two weeks and enjoy a winter sport vacation. But don't worry, I'm planning on finishing this year w

3. jQuery DJ Hero - CSS3 and jQuery fun
Remember jTypingHero? This was a fun little game to test your typing skills based on the ever popular Guitar Hero. Lately, I came across some news about a new "Hero" game: DJ Hero. Since I r

First things first here: I'm a Mac guy. But I must say: Windows 7 has made quite a lot improvements compared to it's predecessor (Vista). The first time I booted the OS and saw flying orbs create the

Planet Collision: Free November 2009 Calendar Wallpaper was originally my entry for the Desktop Wallpaper collection on SmashingMagazine. Sadly, my wallpapers weren't selected to be included in the li

...something - the list type of articles), while the last articles from 2008 and almost every article from 2009 are written "just to teach". Although the visitor count did go down, the feed cou...

Here's a quick personal note (nothing wrong with giving your blog some personality, right?). I just came back from a great vacation in the Philippines and I'm sorry for the lack of updates. To cheer u

8. [Imagedump] June 2009
...Here's another one of those great picture collection with the best, funniest or coolest images for June 2009. It's time to take a two minute break before you get back to work again. You can show the...

9. [Imagedump] May 2009
Here we go again! Yet another small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images for May 2009 to cheer up your day. It's time to take a two minute break before you get back to work again. You ca

Past weekend, Norway won the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Iceland got the second place and Azerbaijan got away third. I personally didn't really follow much of the contest since The Ne

...load the extension. So, what are you waiting for? Just one minor detail: The giveaway ends on May 18, 2009 and you'll receive confirmation before May 22nd with a link to download your FlashEff2 exte...

It looked like as if was yesterday that turned one, but today, this website is already two years old. It seems as if the blog-o-sphere celebrates a couple of birthday parties, since Blo

Links (or anchor tags) are really important in webdesign/development. With all default settings (Both in CSS and the webbrowser), a link does look pretty ugly: A blue, underlined text (and purple when

14. [Imagedump] April 2009
... subscribe to see more of these articles that'll surely cheer up your day. Enjoy! Best images for April 2009 ...

About the author: Carlos Pinho is a web-dev geek and is founder of The Tech Labs, a blog/site which publishes free tutorials on Adobe Air, Flash and Flex. The Tech Labs is maintained by multiple autho

Janko Javonovic is an (digital) artist, UI designer, husband, father and founder of Janko At Warp Speed. The tagline of JAWS (Helps you build good looking and functional web sites) is exactly what the

17. [Imagedump] March 2009
...ick around to see more of these articles that'll surely cheer up your day. Enjoy! Best images for March 2009 ...

Remember my goals for 2009? One of the goals was: Finally changing / update my template. Today, I'm proud to release this template, giving a totally new and unique look. I alre

19. [Imagedump] February 2009
...d, I'm presenting you yet another small collection of the best, funniest or coolest images for February 2009 to cheer up your day. You can show these imagedumps to your friends and family, just to gi...

20. [Imagedump] January 2009
2009 is not the year where I'll be stopping with the imagedumps: Just too many people like them, including myself! It's always a great thing to look back to, even when they're one year old, just to ta

2009 is already up and running for a couple of days, but 2008 was a year that not many people will forget (for whatever reason). During the expensive Christmas holidays, there were two Comment2Win art

...te article? If you're lost, you could always check the sitemap, listing all the articles. Goals for 2009 Finally changing / update my template. Working on it for some while now, can't finish ... worth $149 each. That's surely worth a shot! Some extra info: The contest ends on January 3rd 2009 00:00 CET (That's a great start of the year!). All comments submitted after that date don't...

24. Create a peeling corner on your website
...make it work "stand-alone" and that one doesn't have the target="_blank" addition. Enjoy! UPDATE 29/3/2009 One of our readers (Rusty - Thanks!) dove in the "large.fla" file to try to fix...

25. Sitemap
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...dialog New CSS3 properties added to Firefox 3.6 jQuery 1.3 and PHP: Book review and Giveaway 2009 Best of the Best: 2009 CSS3 animations and their jQuery equivalents Sweet tabbed ...

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