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...g (tiny country in the heart of Europe), but now live and work in London. I originally came to the UK to study. Immediately I fell in love with London, the people, the music scene and everything about... it!) which takes a lot of my time. When my classmates and myself wrote the Getting Groovy in an SOA Study, we added some cool programming quotes that was a real addition to the report. When searc...

Six months ago, I've started researching a fairly new programming language called Groovy together with a couple of my classmates. Our task was to investigate Groovy, Grails, and their position in a SO

...ging. I made a collection of pictures showing these fine spray paint creations. By looking at them and studying the details, you could boost your (Photoshop) design inspiration. If you're not in to ...

...he "F's" that are in the following text. FINISHED FILES ARE THE RE SULT OF YEARS OF SCIENTI FIC STUDY COMBINED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF YEARS. How many "F's" did you find? Wrong. There... You'll be able to track your visitors, see where they come from, how many hits an article has etc. Study the gathered information good. You'll see what your readers want to read and if you write...

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