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...cs are correct Make proper use of whitespace Get rid of extra clicks for navigation (example: Splash screens) Don't add a screen reader to your site; blind people would use their own...

2. Build native-looking apps for iOS
...t, we can do even more stuff. Add a startup image You can even add a startup image (also known as a splash screen) to your HTML application, to show to the user while the application loads. This...

...previous high resolution texture pack online. Today, I'm presenting you another texture pack called Water Splashes. This pack contains 8 textures (1500 px of width) of some great water splashes behind...

Music. Everybody listens to it and loves it. Some people like rock, some prefer pop music, while others only listen to electronic music. There are some amazing (popular) music bands out there that h

In this great Photoshop tutorial from PSDTuts, the workflow for creating the splashes involves taking photographs of thrown paint. Through photography you can capture amazing 3D images without the

...a nice little gift that will give joy to anyone. I don't know the English term, but I like to call it the Splash pig. He looks pretty normal (but cute) on the picture, but check out the video's b...

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...l note: Vacation in the Philippines The Polaroid Photo Viewer - Non-Full Screen Freebies: "Water Splashes" High resolution textures jTypingHero - Test your typing skills in this jQuery...

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