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It has been a while since I've had a chat conversation with another designer/developer (it was with Chris Coyier). But for the last couple of weeks, I've had a great chat/interview with Franz Jeitz, w

2. Best of the Best: 2009
A little bit of sad news; This will be the last post on Marcofolio on 2009. I'm going to Austria for two weeks and enjoy a winter sport vacation. But don't worry, I'm planning on finishing this year w

Normally, I would ask questions/opinions from people through Twitter. But sometimes, you really need more space for the question/opinion than 140 characters. That's why I wanted to try a new concept o

...heard from this guy living in Chicago (Illinois), I'm pretty sure you've seen his website one ore more times: CSS-Tricks. On his site, he shares great information about CSS, jQuery and more webdevelop...

...log-o-sphere are attending the Front-end Design Conference. Names like Fabio Sasso (Abduzeedo), Chris Coyier (CSS-Tricks) and Grant Friedman (Colorburned) will be there. Did you ever spoke on somethin...

As you can see in my last article (a chat conversation with Janko Javonovic), the article is nicely styled in a real "chat conversation" way. This is achieved by placing the text in text (or

...unique one. The Old vs. the New I got some inspiration from the following sources: ABC tutorial CSS-Tricks Gaya Design Janko At Warp Speed One more thing... The new layout to...

...vious step for me, was to create the iPhone Springboard in xHTML, CSS and jQuery. Chris Coyier from CSS-Tricks allowed me to place the article over at his website (Thanks Chris!). If you wan...

9. Best of the Best: 2008
Christmas days are over and everybody is getting ready for the new year. The past year has been very moving for (web)designers and developers: Loads of innovative articles and technology saw the dayli help you communicate effectively on the web with an engaging website or functional interface. Count CSS-Tricks Count Chris Coyier (nice alliteration) just re-designed his land in an awesom...

11. Unique website for your Digg updates
A couple of days ago, I presented the Unique website for your Twitter updates Reloaded. The script was based on another one TutorialBlog released earlier. Now I'm using the same idea but converting

Recently, I started "Tweeting" on Twitter. I was really skeptical first, but now that I'm getting the hang of it, I really start to like it. I saw an article on Tutorialblog on how to create a uniqu

CSS-Tricks is a great website from Chris Coyier (I've mentioned it before) that I'm sure you've heard of. Next to the high quality of articles, the design of the blog is simple, yet really good. One o

14. Creating Transparent Fills
...hings about it is that by setting it on any page element, it forces it child elements to be transparent also. CSS-Tricks shows a lovely workaround using transparent PNG fills. ...

A couple of days ago I placed an article about a parallax illusion with CSS: The Horse in Motion. Today I'll show you how I created such an image so you can do it yourself. In this example, I'm g

Time for some fun with CSS and optical illusions. For those people that are feed subscribers for a while, will know that I really love optical illusions. I already wrote several articles with optical

17. Top 22 CSS tutorials
(Programming/CSS) A tutorial on created advanced listboxes with CSS. Also works with images. Fade Out Bottom - This is a cool effect where the bottom of the page seems to fade out. The ...

18. Sitemap
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...esheet switcher Theatrical movie trailer with jQuery Advanced Photoshop Covers (NL #11 - #20) All about CSS-Tricks and more with Chris Coyier jQuery Code Expander Giveaway contest - 2000 Bus...

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