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1. Working with Websockets
...t;Connection with server closed; Maybe the server wasn't found, it shut down or you're behind a firewall/proxy."); }; If we assume the connection to the server has succesfully been opened, tw...

...ername there too. You could use your domainname to do this. Feedburner Feedburner (a.k.a. Google Feedproxy) is an awesome way to manage your feeds. I've mentioned the service several times before....

This article has been written for the Design Group Writing Project for Charity, an initiative set up by Jacob Cass. There are a lot of design related blogs out there. Some better than other, some ar

Regular readers of my website know that I've written an article before listing 20 proxy websites. There were a lot of comments in that article complaining about proxies that didn't unblock MySpace, Hi

...checked in this article before you submit your post and let it view to the public. 20 Proxy sites to browse the net anonymously (tools) Here's a list of websites where you can en... you use and more details. For some people this is reason enough to browse the internet hidden under a proxy. These servers will hide your details so that you'll be sure nobody will find out who you...

...on top. Double click on the network.http.pipelining string to change its value to true. If you use a proxy, set network.http.proxy.pipelining to true as well. Double click on the network.http.pi...

8. Sitemap
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...o images with this Joomla 1.0.x mambot mfCorner: Add corners to images with this Joomla 1.0.x mambot Proxy sites to browse the net anonymously - Reloaded Joran van der Sloot - "I know what you d...

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