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If you are following me on Twitter, you might have been spammed seen loads of Tweets last week with the #fronteers12 hashtag. This was because of the fact I was attending the Fronteers Conference, whe

2. Looking back at 2011
Welcome to 2012 everybody! I hope you had a great Christmas time and enjoyed New Year's eve. Just like last year, I wanted to look back at my own blog to see what took place. Sadly, I wasn't able to

3. Working with Websockets
HTML5 has some extremely cool features, and a couple of weeks ago I took a deep dive into Websockets. This protocol, which you can recognize by the ws:// and wss:// (secure websockets) URL prefix, ena

Since Firefox 4 was relesed, loads of new (CSS) features were released into the wild. Ofcourse, this is a great thing, since Firefox has a rock solid place as 2nd most popular web browser. More people

5. Looking back at 2010
This is it: The last day of 2010! Normally, the last post of the year on Marcofolio would be a "Best of the Best" round-up (see 2008 and 2009), but for this year, I wanted to look back at my

"Inspiration can be found everywhere". But what if you're simply empty and have no fuel in your creativity tank left? You can always get stuck at a creativity block, which could have a very

7. Best of the Best: 2009
...cept to wish you a safe and joyful new year's eve and I hope to see you back (with all your fingers) in 2010! Check out this Christmas card from me and my girlfriend, wishing this to everybody in the ...

...004 to create a consistent visual identity. The host country's flag appears in the heart. The logo from 2010 listed here is only the main logo: A sub-logo is not yet created. While looking at these am...

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