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1. Build native-looking apps for iOS
(Programming/Webdesign) to your website. But since then, I've learned a couple of more things on how to build native-looking apps for iOS using only HTML. I've created a template/boilerplate that you can use ...

2. Working with Websockets
HTML5 has some extremely cool features, and a couple of weeks ago I took a deep dive into Websockets. This protocol, which you can recognize by the ws:// and wss:// (secure websockets) URL prefix, ena

...whose website you may have seen in design galleries, and who are also coming out with these amazing web apps like DecideAlready, are here in Bloomington. I've chatted with the founders and we all agre... all in the same way. Since you have such a wide range of stuff to do, you probably need loads of apps to make everything work. What do you have in your toolbox to be such a succesful blogger / ...

...nder the GNU General Public License. Blender - Homepage Blender - Download Are there more Mac Apps that you, as a graphic designer, love to use that is missing from the list above? Please sh...

... Ligthart, Dennis Wisnosky, David Chappell - Opening Keynotes Prakash Narayan - Developing Killer SOA Apps with Java EE* Chris Riley - Design Patterns for Web Service Contract Versioning* Andre ...

iPhone users will probaly know the app iPhysics. Computer games will know the games The Incredible Machine and Line Rider. But what if you combine the power of those games in one? Than you'd have Phun

Small programs doesn't mean they're bad programs. Think about the build-in programs in Windows like Notepad and Calculator. They're not bad at all. Here's a list of over 50 small (Under 1 MegaByte in

... want them, deleting them wont hurt anything. c:\windows\system32\restore\ This is the system restore apps, if you delete this, system restore will no longer work. Before you delete this, you should...

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...izes X-Mas 2008 Giveaway - Comment2Win Webdesign Prizes [Imagedump] December 2008 Top 15 Free Mac Apps for Graphic Designers Identity names you should try to grab Wicked Laser Shows Inspirat...

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