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If you are following me on Twitter, you might have been spammed seen loads of Tweets last week with the #fronteers12 hashtag. This was because of the fact I was attending the Fronteers Conference, whe

Not one, not two, but is turning 3 years old today! Time goes so fast when you're having so much fun, doesn't it? And I'm still writing high quality content with pleasure, still explori

...mused a bit before about the name of my site. I even included a survey question about it recently in my 2-year anniversary survey/giveaway, where I asked people how much they cared that what I wrote a...

It looked like as if was yesterday that turned one, but today, this website is already two years old. It seems as if the blog-o-sphere celebrates a couple of birthday parties, since Blo

... intention was just to draw. Anything. I paint and draw a lot and since my wife bought me Wacom tablet for the anniversary I just couldn't resist to try making these icons. In near future I plan to re...

6. Two Smashing Years
Win an exclusive poster by congratulating SmashingMagazine with their 2 year anniversary.

Whoohoo! Party time! Today (9th of May, 2008) is exactly one year after I bought the domain. Meaning, today is the first birthday of this website. I'm pretty satisfied with what happe

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...vouchers from ShopHTML Wicked CSS3 3d bar chart WordPress and Flash 10x: Book review and Giveaway 3 year anniversary of jQuery quickie: Colourful rating system with CSS3 3d an...

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