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Chris Spooner is a very talented freelance graphic and website designer based in Sheffield (UK). He has a very impressive portfolio, but most people will know him as the founder from his blog: Blog.Sp

...cely styled in a real "chat conversation" way. This is achieved by placing the text in text (or speech) balloons, using avatars and making it look pretty fancy. Like I already said in that...

Janko Javonovic is an (digital) artist, UI designer, husband, father and founder of Janko At Warp Speed. The tagline of JAWS (Helps you build good looking and functional web sites) is exactly what the

Collages, mash-ups, photomanipulations, compilations; They all are basically the same thing: Choosing a subject you want your design te be about, mix them up with some good elements and colours and pr

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...s use of an fixed position div (bottom: 0%) with a transparent PNG image and a high z-index value. CSS Speech Bubbles - Easy to customize speech bubbles coded in CSS and valid XHTML 1...

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