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...o just grab a drink with him as he seems to be a genuinely nice and fun person. 2) Chris Spooner from Blog.Spoongraphics and Line25 seems to have 32 hours in a day. I love that he shares so much...

2. Best of the Best: 2009
A little bit of sad news; This will be the last post on Marcofolio on 2009. I'm going to Austria for two weeks and enjoy a winter sport vacation. But don't worry, I'm planning on finishing this year w

...e is already two years old. It seems as if the blog-o-sphere celebrates a couple of birthday parties, since Blog.Spoongraphics, Tutorial9 and FudgeGraphics recently celebrated their birthday too! ...

...field (UK). He has a very impressive portfolio, but most people will know him as the founder from his blog: Blog.SpoonGraphics. He launched another blog a while ago called Line25. His second blog is a...

5. Best of the Best: 2008
...e. Trendy Geometric Lines Tutorial @chrisspooner: I tend to post quite a few tutorials on Blog.SpoonGraphics, this one however seemed to receive a particularly good response. I think... one of them. Spoon Graphics Chris Spooner, one of the barons of the design kingdom, is writing on . Currently also writing for VECTORTUTS, this freelancer must be a ...

Collages, mash-ups, photomanipulations, compilations; They all are basically the same thing: Choosing a subject you want your design te be about, mix them up with some good elements and colours and pr

...e Wayback Machine. I'm sorry I had to leave out a couple of others old-layouts of big blogs (Abduzeedo, Bittbox, SpoonGraphics etc.), but the WayBack machine sadly didn't had a good quality archived v...

As you could have guessed, I'm a programmer. But sometimes, I really like to get creative & design things using Photoshop. For all those Photoshop lovers out there, I created a free high resolution

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