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... book are a great addition. I especially like the Shortcut Keys appendix, that you can use as a shortcut cheat sheet. Overall, a pretty good book that aims at some basic things, but going more advan...

... and color properties with a smooth animation. Nice! Accordion I have to admit - this is a little cheat by using a different HTML code for this effect. This is also the reason why, by default, ...

Style Sheet switchers (or "colour theme choosers") are not really that new. Apart from that fact, they still are pretty fun to use and cool to see. I was wondering how jQuery could help me a

After releasing several jQuery scripts, I wanted to take the whole jQuery programming to another level. For that reason, I'm proud to release my first jQuery plugin for everyone to use. The plugin c

The winner of the 500 Business Cards giveaway was just announced, and today is the day for the next great contest on This one especially goes out to all freelancers out there. Three lu

... A total of 74 pages Explains many aspects of Groovy, you could use the first couple of chapters as a cheat cheet for Groovy. Pretty nice styled and easy to read Simply download and read the...

About the author: This guest article was written by Emma Best from Laptopical - a guide to the latest laptop reviews and laptop related news. You can also follow her on Twitter. I've been using m

This article has been written for the Design Group Writing Project for Charity, an initiative set up by Jacob Cass. There are a lot of design related blogs out there. Some better than other, some ar

The first international SOA Symposium was held on the 7th and 8th of October in the Amsterdam ArenA. Ironically enough, the abbreviation "SOA" in The Netherlands is the translation of a STD (Sexually

Tools and generators for your website can be really useful. They are created to help you improve your website in many different ways. Here's a list with 60 of my personal favorite tools or generators

If you're using a Mac or used one in the past, I'm pretty sure you'll know (and love) the dock menu. The fish eye (or fisheye) effect, zooming in and out the objects, is really cool. I created

12. Use a custom font on your website
Webdesigners always have to make sure that they use a common font for their website, otherwise it'll display incorrect on browser that don't have the font installed. This can be really annoying if you

...gation in, promoting your RSS Feed or placing advertisement. Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (cheat sheets) Google's mail service, better known as Gmail, has a nice feature ...

14. Create a sticky sidebar or box
After my previous article on how to create a peeling corner on your website, I now give you another great thing for your website. I'll explain how to create a sticky sidebar or box that will scroll do

Small programs doesn't mean they're bad programs. Think about the build-in programs in Windows like Notepad and Calculator. They're not bad at all. Here's a list of over 50 small (Under 1 MegaByte in

Google's mailing service (Gmail) has a build in rich text formatter. The options of this text formatter are restricted. You can't add tables or images to your email. In this article I'll explain

17. Top 22 CSS tutorials
Every well-respected webdesigner knows how to use a CSS file. With this you can add markup to your webpage. I created a list of my personal top 22 favorite different subject CSS tutorials. They are li bugs and errors. At this moment, the click-through rates are very low due to problems with some users cheating the system. Yesterday the widget just displayed a 404 error. And I'm telling you: It d...

...10 tips for optimized Google search phrases Create valid CSS floating corners Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet Hide files in JPG files IMG_0071.JPG IMG_0072.JPG IMG_0073.JPG IMG_0074.JPG L...

20. Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
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...s. This way, you can simply use your keyboard to navigate fast trough your Gmail account. I created this cheat sheet with they keyboard shortcuts from Gmail and what they do. Print it and put it next ...

You're probably one of the many Google users in the world. Ever had those days that you were searching on Google and you couldn't find what you were looking for? Try these tips to optimize you

22. Sitemap
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... Fun Imagedump Video Games Other Useful Tools Tips Cheat Sheets How to Reviews Features Downloads Demos Sideblog ...

23. Cheat Sheets
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