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1. Working with Websockets
...r to push data to the connected clients. Examples of application in which this would be useful: Chat application. Multi-player game (like Quake 2). An application where live data i...

It has been a while since I've had a chat conversation with another designer/developer (it was with Chris Coyier). But for the last couple of weeks, I've had a great chat/interview with Franz Jeitz, w

3. Alice in Wonderland Fan Art
Although the success of 3d movie "Avatar" seems unstoppable, another movie in 3d is coming to the cinemas soon. With the tagline You've got a very important date, the latest version of &quot

Last week, I had the privilege to have a chat with Chris Coyier (nice alliteration). If you've never heard from this guy living in Chicago (Illinois), I'm pretty sure you've seen his website one ore m

Shortly after I had the chat conversation with Grant Friedman, I contacted another famous internet hero: Jacob Gube. If you don't already know this great guy living in Bloomington, I'm sure you've see

...ign related stuff and is growing every day. I had the chance to "burn some color" (having a chat conversation) with Grant. You can read the full conversation here, sharing some personal an...

I already placed some amazing t-shirt designs from Aled Lewis in the spotlight, today the stage belongs to another talented t-shirt designer. Glenn Jones (also known as Glennz) started created some be

...His second blog is already growing every day with high quality articles. Last week, I had a chance of chatting with this friendly guy. You can read the full chat conversation here, sharing some pers...

As you can see in my last article (a chat conversation with Janko Javonovic), the article is nicely styled in a real "chat conversation" way. This is achieved by placing the text in text (or and many people like Jankos creative thoughts and ideas that he's sharing. Last week, I was "chatting on warp speed" with Janko, sharing thoughts about webdesign, UI design, webdevelop...

Don't you hate it when someone sends you an e-mail or chat message with an URL that looks like this: Stadhouderskade+42,+Amsterd

...ted this internet classic. It's now used all around the world by poeple that digitally (Text messaging, Chat etc.) want to express themselves when a plain text simply isn't enough. Fahlman had enoug...

13. Sitemap
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...A fancy search suggestion Show me some sleek and well designed game logos Styling a chat conversation with text balloons Chatting on warp speed with Janko Javonovic [Imagedump]...

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