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mfGreybox: Create a gallery with this Joomla 1.0.x mambot

mfGreybox Yes! Another mf mambot for Joomla!. With this one, you can display galleries inside your content. It's called mfGreybox and you can use it free of charge.

Use this mambot to give some extra eye-candy to your website. It is very simple to use and uses AJAX with javascript. It's a pop-up window that doesn't suck.

mfGreybox makes use of the great, open source script called greybox.

Demo Video of mfGreybox


  1. Log in to your back-end of the site
  2. Go to "Installers", "Mambots"
  3. Click on "Browse" and navigate to the downloaded ZIP archive
  4. Press "Upload File & Install"
  5. Go to "Mambots", "Site Mambots"
  6. Search for mfGreybox and publish it

How to use


Use the following syntax to enable mfGreybox on your images:
{mfgreybox [nr_of_images]|[gallery_name]|[img_name]|[img_title]}

The base image path is always: images/stories/mfgreybox/[gallery_name], where you can set the [gallery_name] in the mambot.

The thumbnails should always have the same name as the original and placed in the following folder: images/stories/mfgreybox/[gallery_name]/thumbs

For example, I would have an image called "marcofolio.jpg" with the size of 400 x 300 pixels in the gallery called "my_gallery". The thumbnail, also called "marcofolio.jpg" but now with the size of 100 x 75 pixels is placed in the "/thumbs/" folder.

Create the folders mfgreybox/my_gallery and mfgreybox/my_gallery/thumbs in your images/stories folder, or else the scipt will not work.

Directory architecture:
images/stories/mfgreybox/my_gallery/marcofolio.jpg (Original image)
images/stories/mfgreybox/my_gallery/thumbs/marcofolio.jpg (Thumbnail image)

Your syntax will be: {mfgreybox 1|my_gallery|marcofolio.jpg|Visit!}

Adding more images

If you want more images added to your gallery, change the first number and add more images and their decription. Here's an example showing three images called "img1.jpg", "img2.jpg", "img3.jpg". All of them have a discription.

Directory architecture:
images/stories/mfgreybox/my_gallery/img1.jpg (Original image #1)
images/stories/mfgreybox/my_gallery/img2.jpg (Original image #2)
images/stories/mfgreybox/my_gallery/img3.jpg (Original image #3)
images/stories/mfgreybox/my_gallery/thumbs/img1.jpg (Thumbnail image #1)
images/stories/mfgreybox/my_gallery/thumbs/img2.jpg (Thumbnail image #2)
images/stories/mfgreybox/my_gallery/thumbs/img3.jpg (Thumbnail image #3)

Your syntax will be:
{mfgreybox 3|my_gallery|img1.jpg|Visit Marcofolio!|img2.jpg|Greybox is cool|img3.jpg|Another description}

All parameters must be filled.


Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Don't forget to download mfSyntaxHelper if you need some help with the difficult syntax from this mambot.

All sample images are from socwall.

Feel free to give feedback about this mambot. Enjoy using it!

Tags:  mambot free joomla webdesign

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