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Adam's Apple

Who doesn't know the story about God, Adam and Eve and the Forbidden Fruit, the Apple? Wait, why is the word Apple linked to the website of the company that created the iPod, the iPhone, the iMac, the macBook etc.?

This is because here is a modern version of the story of Adam and Eve. Read it, and you'll understand.

The story is pretty funny and has a nice rhyme, but can be a little bit lsfw. By the way, the "Forbidden Fruit" became considered a form of apple, because of a misunderstanding of the Latin "malum", where malum as an adjective means evil, but as a noun means apple.

Adam's Apple

Source: Museum of Modern Fiction

"Get rid of the Apple! It's the Devil's creation!"

If that's true, than the Devil sure knows how to make beautiful creations.

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