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Blog against Abuse: E-mail abuse

Today, the 27th of September, is a day to remember. BlogCatalog 's Blogging for a Great Cause Challenge has launched. A while ago I posted about this phenomenon and today it's there: Bloggers around the globe will blog against abuse.

Here's my submission to try to make an end to abuse. Everybody unite to make an end to the most common form of internet abuse: Spam.

Internet Abuse Spam

At the beginning, there was Monthy Python. They have used the word spam as it's used today. How? They just took a normal can of spam and made a totally crazy scene of out it. Here's the specific scene and if you liked it, check this out.

I've seen this already so many times. Too many times actually. I have to clean my spambox several times a day to keep it clean and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. I'm happy to use Gmail as my mailing service, since the filter is very effective in stopping spam.

A few days ago I posted an effective way to hide email addresses from spambots using css. There are several other ways to change the a:mailto code in your source. I really like this post: Methods to hide email addresses from page source. Yet, Triponic, Lifehacker and SEOmoz have some other tips about hiding your email address.

How many times didn't you already receive a mail with subjects starting like this: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Re: Re: Fwd:? Yes, you guessed it: Also chainmail is a part of Spam. The main problem is that those mail mostly come from your loved ones and you don't want to tell them directly to "get off with that stupid mail". Here's the answer: Just show them this short Flash movie and they'll probably get the point.

If you can't see the above Flash-file, right-click on the white space above to get the Flash-settings and select "Play". Oh, and another thing. If You’re Gonna Send Me A Lame Email Forward, At Least Remember The Attachment.

One of the best ways to stop your personal spam is to have three different e-mail addresses. Use them in this order:

  1. Security level 1: Public e-mail
    This is the e-mail address that you'll use on public sites where you have to register, for example on a forum or blog.
  2. Security level 2: Private e-mail
    Use this address for trusted websites with a secure HTTP connection and your own website (if you have one). Remember: Do never make an a:mailto link on your website. Spambots are designed will follow these links.
  3. Security level 3: Personal e-mail
    Give this e-mail address only to your beloved ones (friends, family) and the ones that you trust.

As you can see, level 1 will receive the most spam. But what if you don't want so many different addresses? You can use one of the following (free) temporary mail boxes so that you'll be able to sign up and get the registration code, without giving your personal address to the public.

Additionally, here is a longer list of disposable mail addresses.

The most effective way to stop spam worldwide is very simple: Don't open or click on links in spam mail. Definitely don't grant the wishes of the spam-sender. But try telling everyone that he's not receiving any free viagra, that there aren't any nude pictures of Anna Kournikova, that they don't want any form of medicine, that woman don't want a huge penis to have the best sex etc. etc. etc. Simply show them this page about 13 Things Every Net User Should Know.

Feel free to send the link to this post to anyone you know so that they also can help stopping spam. Just make sure that they don't see that as spamming.

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