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I got RickRolled on Queensday IRL

Just a short, personal, non-techie post from the person behind this blog / website. I just got a new (parttime) job as a PHP programmer at WIWI Websolutions. The CakePHP framework they're using is pretty cool and I'm learning it now.

Yesterday, it was Queensday in the Netherlands. It's a national holiday, celebrating the birthday of the Queen. This simply means: A free day with loads of partying.

In the morning, there was a flea market down town which I visited. When I was going through some old vinyls, checking for some "good old songs", I stumbled upon the following record.


I laughed, thinking that I got RickRolled in real life. I know it's pretty geeky, but seriously: When you listen to Rick Asteley's Never Gonna Give You Up, it'll be stuck for the rest of the day in your head. As you can see, this isn't the vinyl of Never Gonna Give You Up, but from Whenever You Need Somebody. I spended the next hour searching for the correct record, but sadly I couldn't find it.

Here are a couple of more pictures from Queensday in Arnhem that I made with my iPhone.

The concert by Krezip, one of the best bands from the Netherlands, was really cool! Their song called I would stay is absolutely the best. Many people came to their (free) concert, that's why it's so crowded. Luckily I knew some people who lived in an apartment with a balcony next to the concert, so I could view it from there.


The whole city was covered with an orange (Our national color) colored hue and the dutch flag could be found everywhere.

Orange 1

Orange 2

Orange 3

Even I got an orange cap (which was pretty useless because the sun was behind the clouds that day). Looks pretty fancy, doesn't it?


Fireworks meant the end of Queensday in Arnhem. Why doesn't the whole nation celebrate my birthday like this?



That it, just a post with what I've been doing these last couple of days. I've got the next (Flash & Web) tutorial already lined up, I just need to write the article. I'll also be updating a couple of my Joomla! extensions soon. Stay tuned!

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