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A simple starry Web 2.0 ad

A couple of days ago I recieved an advertisement from a store that has just opened his doors. Normally, I would throw those things directly away, but the simplicity of the design did draw my attention. I wanted to recreate the Web 2.0 looking ad and here I'll show you how.

Simple Starry Web 2.0 ad

So start up Photoshop, it won't be a long ride. There's no shame in always improving your Photoshop skills, so get ready to create a simple starry Web 2.0 ad with Photoshop.

Tags:  starry simple web 2.0 advertisement photoshop tutorial
Your own CSS parallax illusion 3d image

A couple of days ago I placed an article about a parallax illusion with CSS: The Horse in Motion. Today I'll show you how I created such an image so you can do it yourself.

Own CSS Parallax Illusion

In this example, I'm going to use Photoshop for the actual image and Illustrator for the 3D effect. I wanted to try something else instead of the "frame by frame" (Like the Horse in Motion). Be creative! The final example (demo of the effect) looks pretty amazing and maybe even better than my previous one.

Tags:  photoshop css illusion parallax
Presenting gadgets in a superb, grungy way

Time for all those Photoshop lovers out there to follow another tutorial. This time, we'll learn how to present technology gadgets in a superb, grungy way. I was inspired by the artwork from Eric Oosterhof and wanted to created something looking just as amazing as that.

Growing Technology

My PSD file was too big to put to download because of the smart objects (26 MB), but you can download a wallpaper pack containing my final result in high resolution in 3 different sizes (320x480 (iPhone), 1440x900 (widescreen), 1600x1200 (normal)).

Tags:  gadgets grunge photoshop tutorial
Glowing and sparkling intense light 3d logo

After my previous tutorial on how to create a frog logo in Photoshop, I'm now going to teach you how to create a glowing and sparkling intense light 3D glow logo. This tutorial shows different techniques that I learned in the past couple of weeks and it'll surely blow others away.

Intense Light 3D Logo

Most of this tutorial is done in Photoshop, the 3D letters are created in Illustrator. If you don't have Illustrator, you can also try making 3D letters in Photoshop.

I'm creating the word "QPoit", which actually is a fun word (and non-existing) used between my friends and me (Don't ask me why). Get ready to make some amazing artwork.

Tags:  tutorial photoshop light 3d logo
Flying Vector Stars: Free high res Photoshop brushes

As you could have guessed, I'm a programmer. But sometimes, I really like to get creative & design things using Photoshop.

For all those Photoshop lovers out there, I created a free high resolution brush pack for Photoshop. It contains 12 super-size brushes, showing flying vector stars.

Flying Vector Stars

The Photoshop CS2+ version has a resolution of almost 2500 px, the CS1 and lower version are just under 1000 px. Both use the same settings as Bittbox.

You can use these stars in your striking Photoshop artwork.

Tags:  freebies brushes photoshop design
Create a frog logo in Photoshop

For a school project, our project team was in need of a logo. I created a simple frog logo, because it has something to do with the project we'll be working on (sorry, can't give you any more details). I'll explain here how I created it. You can also see this logo as an icon that can be used in documents.

Create a frog logo in Photoshop

In this tutorial I'll try to teach you the basics of the 'Pen Tool', since many people will find it hard to use it for the first time. Of course you can use this technique with other animals to create logos or icons.

To create a nice logo (or icon), most of the times you want to create it as a vector image. Adobe Illustrator is always good, but the Pen Tool from Photoshop allows you to create vectorized shapes too. So get your Pen Tool and let's start.

Tags:  photoshop tutorial pen tool frog logo icon
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