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Most used elements in collage artwork

Collages, mash-ups, photomanipulations, compilations; They all are basically the same thing: Choosing a subject you want your design te be about, mix them up with some good elements and colours and produce stunning artwork.

But how do you define "good elements"? This depends on the kind of design you're making. There are some kind of elements that keep on repeating on several kinds of modern design.

Most used elements in collage artwork

Of course, you must remember that this is a round-up of the most used elements at this moment. This doesn't mean that you should stick with them: Be on top of the game, but be innovative and try something new! But for now: Here's a great collection of most used elements in collage artwork. Get inspired and be amazed!

Tags:  elements photoshop collage inspiration
Advanced Photoshop Covers (NL #01 - #10)

Although I'm a programmer, I love to take a brake and spare my free time behind Photoshop. This is the main reason I'm subscribed to the (Dutch) Advanced Photoshop magazine. The magazine is easy to read, has loads of inspirational articles and really nice tutorials (they call it master classes). The Dutch version is the "daughter" of the UK version.

One of the most notable things on each magazine is the cover. You can imagine that the covers of a Photoshop magazine have to be creative and inspiring, which (of course) is true. This article is showing 10 covers of the Dutch Advanced Photoshop magazine.

Advanced Photoshop Covers

The pictures are taken by me and I apologize for any "reflections" on the magazine. If you like one, I recommend you to check out the portfolio website from the artist. Be ready to get inspired!

Tags:  advanced photoshop covers netherlands magazine inspiration
Superb badass 3d fictional characters from CGTalk

CGTalk (the forum from CGSociety) is a place where great CG artists like to show-off their work. I'm especially amazed by the 3d stills section of the forum, showcasing beautiful and breathtaking 3d models.

This article is a collection of the most badass 3d fictional characters from CGTalk.

Badass 3d characters

Get ready to see some awesome badass characters that you don't want to see as a boss in a game: They'll surely kick your ass.

Tags:  badass fictional 3d cg inspiration
Freebies: "Seashore Shells" High Resolution Texture Pack

Do you think it's time for another great freebie? Yeah, I do to. This time, I present another high resolution texture pack called Seashore Shells. This pack contains 5 textures (1000 px of width) of small shells, stuck to a pole in the sea together with seaweed. I made these pictures on a beach in the Netherlands while I was on vacation.

Seashore Shells

I hope you enjoy them and use them well. The textures are totally free for all kinds of use. Download the texture pack from the download section.

Tags:  seashore shell freebies textures photoshop
[Inspiration] Q-Dance festival logos

Q-dance is one of the leading harder styles dance festival organizers of the world. I really love these harder styles (hardstyle / hardcore) of music and already visited a couple of these great dance events.

Every festival from Q-dance has their own logo. These logos are already really good, but what I like most about it is the fact that Q-dance changes the logo of the festival to the theme of the festival. This theme changes every year, which means that there will be continuously new logos for the parties.

Q-dance festival logos

These logos are great to look at and will surely get your design juices going. You'll recognize the logos over each year, but each time with a different touch (theme). You can try it out for yourselve: Pimp your own logo (if you have one) to own-chosen theme! Get inspired by these logos to get a good idea on how great this can look like.

Tags:  inspiration q-dance festival logo photoshop
Create a summertime compilation poster

As some of my readers will know, I've been on a vacation for a while. I wanted to share the summertime feeling with everyone by creating a summertime compilation poster.

In this Photoshop tutorial is explained how to create a nice compilation image: Cutting and selecting objects from pictures, placing and combining them in beautiful artwork.

Summertime Compilation Tutorial

You can download the PSD from this tutorial in the download section.

This is the first time I created something using this technique, but I believe the outcome is really good.

Tags:  summertime compilation poster photoshop tutorial
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