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Flying Vector Stars: Free high res Photoshop brushes

As you could have guessed, I'm a programmer. But sometimes, I really like to get creative & design things using Photoshop.

For all those Photoshop lovers out there, I created a free high resolution brush pack for Photoshop. It contains 12 super-size brushes, showing flying vector stars.

Flying Vector Stars

The Photoshop CS2+ version has a resolution of almost 2500 px, the CS1 and lower version are just under 1000 px. Both use the same settings as Bittbox.

You can use these stars in your striking Photoshop artwork.

Black & White example

Flying Vector Stars Example

Just a simple black & white example on how you can use these flying vector stars.

Brush Set

Flying Vector Stars Brush Set

Stars 10 & 11 were experimental using Illustrator. All others are created using the Pen Tool in Photoshop.

Download: Photoshop CS2+

Download: Photoshop CS1 & lower

Download: PNG Source Files

Enjoy these brushes and make good use of them!

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